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Marlboro Reunion Speaker

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  • Steve Lloyd
    Folks, You will be pleased to know that our Marlboro Reunion speaker is none other than SCCA Hall-of-Famer, former Washington DC SCCA R.E., and one-time racer
    Message 1 of 32 , Feb 10, 2009
      You will be pleased to know that our Marlboro Reunion speaker is none
      other than SCCA Hall-of-Famer, former Washington DC SCCA R.E., and
      one-time racer (in the Heishman black & gold VW Beetle -- remember?),
      Sue Roethel.

      If you haven't registered with Bob Houston yet, please don't forget to
      do that! Registration closes on tax day, ASpril 15, 2009.

      The VRG Jefferson 500/Marlboro reunion at Summit Point on April 30
      through May 3rd, 2009. For those of you campaigning a vintage racecar,
      the invigorated Jefferson 500 will work nicely in your schedule. It's
      an event with lots of track time. But it's particularly interesting
      for those of us who are Marlboro Motor Speedway veteran drivers,
      workers, officials, fans, spectators or anyone interested in the
      mid-Atlantic's home of road racing from 1955 through 1969.
      The theme for the Jefferson 500 will be the Marlboro
      Reunion. If you were among the 70 or so folks who joined us this past
      July in Frederick, MD for our Marlboro Reunion, you already know what
      a good time we'll have! For those of you who were not able to make
      that event, please plan to join us in 2009 for this special
      celebration at Summit Point. And please, spread the word to your
      Marlboro buddies. Remember, many of our friends from those days may
      not use e-mail, so please give them a phone call and let them know
      about this event. Unlike our July reunion, space is NOT limited at
      Summit Point, although admission will be based on pre-registration
      only. Details on registration will follow in this e-mail. If you want
      me to add someone's contact info to our Marlboro list, please let me
      know at marlborohistory@....
      There are a few things we need to emphasize: FIRST, So
      that we have seating, food and goodies for everyone who participates ―
      (which means we have to have a clear estimate of people attending
      weeks before the actual event) ― please do not hesitate to register.
      Admission will be based solely upon the list of registrants. SECOND,
      Make sure you register by the deadline. It's an easy one to remember,
      since it's "tax day," April 15th, 2009.
      Here are the details:

      First, here are the dates: Thursday, April 30th, Friday, May 1st,
      Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd9 2009. The event is a "revival" of
      sorts of the vintage racing weekend formerly staged b y Brian Redman,
      the "Jefferson 500." This event is co-sponsored by Vintage Racer Group
      (VRG) and Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia. As many of
      you know, most vintage racing weekends have themes. This event's theme
      is the 2009 iteration of the Marlboro Reunion, and you're invited!

      Schedule and entries permitting, VRG wants to offer
      the opportunity to have a few exhibition/parade laps for cars that
      actually raced at Marlboro in the 1950s and 1960s. Whether or not you
      own/drive such a veteran car, you'll enjoy seeing them on the full 2.0
      mile Summit Point circuit.

      On Friday, May 1st will be a dinner at the track for
      our Marlboro group. Additionally, your admission fee will cover not
      only this Friday dinner, but admission to the track for four days! You
      are welcome to attend as early as Thursday morning. If you enjoyed the
      July 13th Reunion, you are sure to remember this 2009 Reunion for a
      long time to come.

      The fee for the weekend is $40 per person for our
      Marlboro group. Checks may be made out to "Jefferson 500" and should
      be mailed to:

      Bob Houston
      2210 Trott Avenue
      Vienna, VA 22181
      Phone: 703-938-1943

      This is important: With each $40 admission fee, we MUST
      have the name of the guest. This is critical, as admission will be
      based on the guest list only. Moreover, we'll have a list of the
      registered guests at the gate and this will be the only system for
      getting you in to all the Marlboro Reunion activities.
      After you check in at Registration (Exact location at Summit Point to
      be determined), you will then head to the Marlboro Reunion
      headquarters in the main Paddock building at the track. There you will
      receive an armband which will serve as your "admission" to the Friday
      evening dinner and other Reunion activities at the track.
      Unlike our July 13th 2008 event, this Reunion is NOT limited in size.
      PLEASE spread the word to anyone who was a Marlboro veteran, worker,
      official, fan, or is just interested in joining us for this special
      event. The deadline for your "pre-registration" is easy to remember
      because it's income tax day: April 15, 2009.

      Join us for what promises to be a major event for all
      Marlboro enthusiasts! I plan to have new videos from Marlboro and
      other Marlboro-related displays and memorabilia. And if you're
      fortunate enough to have a car that actually raced at Marlboro, here's
      an unusual chance to enjoy that drive in what will be a historic
      Marlboro Reunion!

      Steve Lloyd, Historian
      Washington DC Region, SCCA
      7928 Edgewood Farm Road
      Frederick, MD 21702-2910
    • Bob Adams
      Bob, I found out that CSX2009 did *not* have have any part CSX2013 on the car, as CSX2013 was still out on the west coast the entire time CSX2009 was racing.
      Message 32 of 32 , Mar 24, 2009

        I found out that CSX2009 did not have have any part CSX2013 on the car, as CSX2013 was still out on the west coast the entire time CSX2009 was racing. Dick must have confused his car with another car, or received bad information when bought the car.

        -Bob Adams

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