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Late Holiday Book

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  • Bob Storck
    Kansas City is a microcosm of America. Maybe it s the fact that it s at almost the exact center of the nation. Maybe it s since all our trails cross here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2008

      Kansas City is a microcosm of America. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s at almost the exact center of the nation. Maybe it’s since all our trails cross here: Indian, trapper, wagon, rail, highway and aviation. Commerce and communication meets here. Small enough to be homey and big enough to be complicated, There is every aspect of the car culture that dominated the country represented in Kansas City.

      When I moved here almost two decades ago, I told agents I was looking for a place with a garage. I was shown more places with hobbyist, racer and collector workshops than I had been shown in buying over a dozen houses in other parts of the country. Tom Strongman is THE Auto Writer in town, and seeks out the best of these and details them in weekly articles in the Kansas City Star newspaper.

      His just updated Wheels of Dreams is a celebration of the automobile and the impact it has on our lives. This book is as much a collection of stories about people as it is a collection of photo essays about cars. Tom has found many dozens of interesting cars, each with a story and each owner with devotion and passion. These include the full range of historical collector cars and many exceptional hot rods, as well as oval and road racing standouts. Not only is Tom an insightful wordsmith, but he started as a photographer so his eye finds the parts that words fail to describe.

      Open-wheel cars include a 1933 Studebaker Indy Car, the Don Hulbert '34 Ford Indy Car (later Andy Granatelli's Rocket Car), a 1921 Model T speedster, John Baeke's '37 Delahaye racer and Mark Randol's '52 Kurtis Sprint Car.

      128 pages, full color, published and printed in the USA. Only $29.95. Available from Amazon.com, www.thekansascitystore.com or from the author. E-mail tom@.... Not only will Tom pay the postage, but if you ask nicely, you’ll probably get it inscribed as well.

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