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Marlboro Reunion Registration Info (Finally!)

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  • Steve Lloyd
    Folks, FINALLY!!! We¡¦re ready for ¡§registration¡¨ for the July 12-13 Marlboro Reunion. The fee is $35 per person. This covers the rental of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2008

      We¡¦re ready for ¡§registration¡¨ for the July 12-13 Marlboro Reunion.
      The fee is $35 per person. This covers the rental of the facility,
      lunch for everyone, beer (on Sunday), and incidental expenses in
      staging this event. The Washington DC Region, SCCA is apparently not
      able to support this event financially. I understand the reasons, and
      can accept them.

      Because yours truly must absorb all expenses ahead of time (except
      for Joe Herson¡¦s kind assistance with the rental (in memory of the
      Lavender Hill Mob), I must ask you to get me your check for $35 per
      person by July 1. Please make the check out to ¡§Steve Lloyd.¡¨ My
      address is as follows:
      7928 Edgewood Farm Road
      Frederick, MD 21702
      Sorry, I cannot accept credit cards. (I¡¦m not self-employed; I teach
      at two local community colleges. ļ )

      I would like to get a mailing address for everyone. This is so I can
      mail you directions, etc. and maintain our Marlboro veterans¡¦
      database. Some of you have responded for several friends. That¡¦s
      fine, but I still need a final list of everyone attending (as well as
      their registration ¡§fee.¡¨)

      Lunch will be Frederick¡¦s Doc Geiser¡¦s fried chicken, cold roast
      beef, Swedish meatballs, green beans, potato salad, cole slaw, iced
      tea and lemonade, as well as a variety of sheet cakes for dessert.
      Doc Geiser¡¦s is the former ¡§Watson¡¦s Chicken,¡¨ renown for its
      excellent chicken and homestyle green beans. For the beer I am buying
      bottled beers ¡V a couple of microbrews, like Sam Adam¡¦s seasonal, and
      a regular domestic beer like Budweiser.

      The car show at Surreybrooke on Saturday, July 12 costs us nothing.
      Later that evening I¡¦ll try to set up a pub/tavern room nearby where
      we can meet to hoist a few brewskies as a ¡§welcome¡¨ event. This will
      be on our own nickels, so to speak. Both days our official event runs
      from 10:00am to 4:00pm. (Saturday evening¡¦s get together at the pub
      lasts until it¡¦s over.) At Ostertag Vistas on Sunday, we actually do
      need to be out of there by 4:00pm.

      I¡¦ve been editing Dave Roethel¡¦s Marlboro movies ¡V adding music from
      that time period, and captions. I¡¦ll also have my own movies from
      Marlboro, VIR and the Reading Road Races. Some of you asked to bring
      your own videos, and please do that. We¡¦ll be able to view either VHS
      or DVD format. I will also have some Marlboro memorabilia,
      Straightpipes and SCCA¡¦s Sports Car from as far back as 1951!

      Effectively, we have no limit on the number of people for the Reunion
      Sunday, July 13th, but I would need to have a number ahead of time to
      provide lunch/beer and cover the additional per-person rental fee. I
      wish I could have done this another way financially, but without the
      Region¡¦s financial help, I¡¦m on my own. Given the enthusiasm you all
      showed at our ¡§first¡¨ reunion in January of 2007, I am confident
      everyone will have a great time and feel that their weekend was worth
      far more than $35 per person.

      I¡¦m really looking forward to hearing from you.
      Steve Lloyd, Historian
      Washington DC Region, SCCA
      7928 Edgewood Farm Road
      Frederick, MD 21702-2910
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