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Marlboro Reunion Update 3/4/08

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  • Steve Lloyd
    Folks, Our event is a certainly a go. I do have concerns over the July 12th car show, as there are only two (2) people who said they d definitely be there
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2008
      Our event is a certainly a "go." I do have concerns over the July
      12th car show, as there are only two (2) people who said they'd
      definitely be there with their vintagce/competition/sports car. In
      the next few weeks I trust there will be an announcement in the
      Washington Dc Region, SCCA's publication Straightpipe as well as the
      Region's website. I'm hoping that interests a few more people in
      showing their cars. If you know someone who'd enjoy that, please let
      them know and give them my e-mail address
      wdcrhistory@... . There's no point in staging that portion
      of the event for just two participants. Then again, we still have
      several months.

      The actual Marlboro Reunion is slated for Sunday, July 13 at 10:00am
      to 4:00 pm at Frederick County's (MD) "Ostertag Vistas." You can
      check that out at www.ostertagvistas.com on the 'Net. We will have
      lunch catered at the event, and we will also offer beer/wine on a
      cash-bar basis. I don't know yet how flexible the caterer will be,
      but if you have any extreme dietary requirements, I need to know
      that as soon as possible. Ostertag Vistas is about a 5-minute drive
      from Surreybrooke Gardens where we hope to have the car show.

      The rental at Ostertag is extrememly resonable. I need to negotiate
      the catering soon and will get back to you about what everyone's $$
      share of the event will be. We'll have a form of "pre-registration"
      so I can have some feel for the number of you attending. I really
      hate to have to say this, but space will be limited. Becuase we pay
      rent based on particpants, and pay catering based on participants up
      front, at some point I will have to cut off participation. I've told
      Ostertag we're looking at 40 people, give or take.

      Ostertag has a discount agreement with the Holiday Inn/Fort Detrick
      in Frederick, and with Four Points Inn in Hagerstown, MD. Ostertag,
      by the way, is about 10-15 minutes from downtown Frederick and
      Hagerstown. Directions and such will be available soon. If you
      decide to stay at either of the places mentioned above, remind them
      you're going to Ostertag in order to get your price break. If they
      don't know what you're talking about, call Ostertag (phone number on
      web site) and they'll work it out with the hotels. By the way,
      Ostertag is wheelchair-accessible.

      We'll be able to view DVD movies, and I'll have a number of
      Marlboro, VIR and Reading movies. If anyone needs VHS equipment, I
      need to know soon. We'll also have room for our displays,
      memorabilia, etc.

      Finally, please keep in mind space is limited, and this is the
      Reunion portion is NOT open to the general public. (The car show,
      however, is open to the public.)

      More details coming soon...

      Steve Lloyd, Historian
      Washington DC Region, SCCA
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