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559Double MARRS History Day

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  • Steve Lloyd
    Jul 6, 2007
      Adding to the busy and exciting Labor DayDouble MARRS weekend at
      Summit Point will be a display of the Washington DC Region's rich
      history. Steve Lloyd, the Regional Historian, aided by Ron Polimeni,
      Phil Charlwood and other members of his History Committee, will have
      a booth set up where interested racing enthusiasts can view
      slideshows and videos of our Region's racing at Hagerstown Municipal
      Airport, Marlboro Motor Speedway, Reading Airport and other venues.

      There will also be Regional memorabilia in the form of early Sports
      Car and Straightpipes (as far back as 1952!), Lavender Hill Mob
      materials, and more.
      Plan to stop by and share the history of our Region and its
      deservingly proud place in the history of sports cars in the USA.

      The history display will only be at the Double MARRS for one of the
      three days that weekend; the exact day has yet to be determined as we
      go to press. However, there will be flyers at the track announcing
      the exact date that weekend.

      Please note, this is open to anyone who can walk/drive into the
      paddock, but it does not include admission to Summit Point Raceway
      itself. In other words, you'd either need a pass or a paid admission

      Steve Lloyd, Historian
      Washington DC Region, SCCA
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