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4265RE: [Marlboro_Raceway] mystery Corvette special?

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  • Mike Matune
    Oct 2, 2013

      Great shots, thanks for sharing!


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      Hi MIke,


      Ralph Salyer was at Marlboro with two Chettahs in April 1964. They were blue coupes driven by himself and Bud Clusserath. They finished 3rd and 4th in CM, but lower than 6th  overall.


      Some scans attached below.


      Later Salyer cut the top off one of them.


      Best wishes,








      On 2 Oct 2013, at 11:07, Mike Matune wrote:



      Good afternoon all,


      I think Rick Mandelson's mystery Corvette is a special called the Cicada. The car was driven by Ken Duclos. As Jon pointed out Duclos also raced a Mustang in the early Trans-Am days.


      From what I have been able to gather, Duclos was a Corvette guy who competed at Marlboro in 1965 in a Corvette GS. There are also references to him competing elsewhere in Corvettes. I found reference to him working at a dealership/shop that specialized in Corvettes, so it seems logical he would use Corvette parts in his special. Duclos is listed as having rcae prepped a couple of early Z06's.


      Duclos and the Cicada are listed as having competed at Nassau in 1966. I know Terry O'Neil is in this group and perhaps he has a photo of the car we can compare to Rick's to confirm all this. I have three books on American road racing specials and unfortunately the car isn't talked about in any of them.


      I can't link the car or Duclos to Bill Thomas's Cheetah. Steve is right in that the Cheetah was the basis for one of the early CroSal Specials, but from there the trail goes cold. There were a number of CroSal Specials in a variety of configurations. Salyer was the "Racing Plumber" from NW Indiana and competed in the first Marlboro Twelve Hour with Nate Karras in the third Pontiac Tempest. They DNF'd with a host of issues. I am still researching that race if anyone has anything.


      Well that's about all the useless information I have for now.


      Take care,


      Mike Matune



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