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  • Yuccaseed@aol.com
    Oct 29, 2012
      Garth was fun to watch, Great driver and a fine man, RIP
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      I see only one attachment came thru so here's the other one.
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      I don't know if these attachments will come out but these pictures were taken by me in the 1960 Presidents Cup Race, Marlboro Maryland.
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      Thank You David

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      Aloha All,

      Gaston Andrey left us today. He was 86.

      Over the years he raced at Marlboro in a number of cars.

      I think he was SCCA national class champion five times and he continued racing into the 1980s.

      The national championships are:

      ?Morgan Plus 4 EP 1954?

      Ferrari Mondial EM 1957

      Ferrari TRC EM 1958

      Ferrari TRC EM 1959

      Maserati T 61 DM 1960

      Best wishes,



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