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  • Howard Pardee
    Oct 2, 2012
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      Thank you very much for posting the results of the 1963 and the entry list for the 1964 President's Cup races. I have a huge interest in 1965 Shelby GT350s and I note that there are (9) drivers from these two years eventually owned or raced a GT350 R-Model. Since there were only 36 of the cars produced, I think it is very interesting that (9) people were racers that ran at Marlboro.

      The (9) are:
      Ned Owen
      Dan Gerber
      Bob Johnson
      Ben Warren
      Ed Fuchs
      Tom Yeager
      Martin Krinner
      Bob Grossman
      Tom Flaherty

      I own Ben Warren's Shelby that ran at Marlboro in the 6 hour race 7/25/65. If anyone has any photos of a white/blue stripes Mustang I would really appreciate getting scans. The car ran meatball number 7. I would also like to have scans of any other Shelbys that raced at Marlboro.

      Howard Pardee

      On Oct 2, 2012, at 5:06 PM, f minor wrote:



            I included the first page as well, it has the results of
      the previous year's Cup.  Enjoy!  No, I was not there for
      this event, I inherited the program from a fellow flagger, George
      Deihl, who was there.

             Forrest Minor

      --- On Tue, 10/2/12, David&Carol <scshmoo@...> wrote:

      From: David&Carol <scshmoo@...>
      Subject: Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Alfa Assistance
      To: Marlboro_Raceway@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 12:16 AM


      Aloha Forest,

      Mahalo for the information.

      Would you be able to post a scan of the entry sheet?

      Best wishes,


      On 1 Oct 2012, at 17:10, f minor wrote:

          I happen to have an original 1964 Marlboro Presidents Cup program.
      The entry list for E & F Prod shows a #68 as Herman Melotti of LaVale
      Maryland in an E Prod Alfa.  The only other Alfa is # 96 driven by
      Mortimer Ryon of Clarks Summit, Pa. in an Alfa_Vel.
                             Forrest Minor

      --- On Mon, 10/1/12, David&Carol <scshmoo@...> wrote:

      From: David&Carol <scshmoo@...>
      Subject: Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Alfa Assistance [2 Attachments]
      To: Marlboro_Raceway@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: "Richard Johnson" <Johnson@...>
      Date: Monday, October 1, 2012, 9:41 PM

      Aloha Richard or Craige,

      Since the Alfa has been found, or its remains have, can anyone provide the year and type.

      I saw in a later post that it ran in FP in 1967.

      Until I went overseas in 1965 I was frequently at Marlboro and took photos. I have combed through my images and find I have two of a light colored Alfa at the 1964 President's Cup races. Among the images is a #38 FP Lotus 7. I find a light color Alfa #68 in EP(?).  From the rear it looks like it is a short door (i.e. 1956 to 1959). It does appear to have a 1964-65 blue Maryland plate

      My recollection is that in 1963 the Giulietta Veloce was DP and a Normale was FP.

      No idea what was what in 1964 or 1967. I cannot find Frank Miller and an Alfa in any of the entry sheets for 1963 or 1965. I am missing the 1964 sheets.

      If anyone can identify #68 in EP or FP at the 1964 April President's Cup races I would appreciate it. 

      Working from 35 mm negs, and without a dark room, the attached images are the best I can do. Do not know if Yahoo will strip off the attachments or not.

      Best wishes,



      On 25 Sep 2012, at 05:42, Pelouze, Craige wrote:

      Richard is looking for assistance on information on his Alfa race car.  Can any one help him?  I don’t remember Frank Miller.
      Richard,  Bob Bowers has raced an Alfa since the late 50’s. He lived in Richmond then and worked for Reynolds Aluminum and previously worked for Cunningham on the C4’s in Fl. The last contact info I had on him was in Atlanta, and last time I saw him was about 8 years ago at the Pittsburg Vintage meet.  706-219-4521  email gaber01@...
      Richard Johnson Johnson@...
      Hello Craige
      I found your name and posts on the Marlboro Motor Raceway yahoo groups chat site, having tried to figure out how to get a post onto the site (without success) I am hoping you might be able to help out a fellow commercial real estate broker
      I recently acquired a formerly well-known Giulietta Spider (actual the remains of said car…) which belonged to Frank D Miller from 1963-70, and ran on the west coast from 1970 until 1991
      When at Marlboro I believe the car was baby blue and ran the #38, when on the west coast it was brown with the #69, and was run by a well know Alfisti, Hilary “HB” Luginbuhl
      Might it be possible to have the MMR yahoo group moderator contact me below ? I would like to see if anyone associated with MMR can connected me with Frank Miller, or if anyone has any photographs of the car
      The hope and plan is to have the car ready to try for a Monterey Reunion slot in 2013….
      Thanks for any help you can offer !
      Richard A. Johnson
      Sansome Street Advisors, Inc.
      114 Sansome Street, 2nd Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94104
      415.834.1207 direct
      415.834.1200 main
      415-699-5053 cell

      Craige Pelouze | Senior Vice President  
      CBRE | Richmond | Investment Properties | Private Capital Group
      6641 West Broad Street | Suite 101 | Richmond, VA 23230
      T +1 804 267 7244 | F +1 804 320 4839 | C +1 804 399 7327 
      craige.pelouze@... l www.cbre.com/craige.pelouze | www.cbre.com/pcg  

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