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  • MIchael Ling
    May 4, 2012
      Good morning Mike Matune.  I am not familiar with DC Library's workings whatsoever, but I hate to drop the idea of gathering up Ev's columns without a deeper understanding of the task.  I would lik to know about the ease of access, library hours, copying facilities, and potential cost of downloading the materials.  What about a estimate of days necessary to compile the material? Would a month do it?  Please do not circulate this letter among the Group because I definitely do not want to get the hope up prematurely, hust keeping it between you and I for now.
                                                                                                                                                            Michael Ling

      From: Mike Matune <mmatune@...>
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      Good morning all,


      As promised , here is the latest version of the Marlboro Events List. We have updated events which are shown in red.


      There are still numerous holes to fill and I am hoping folks will search through their collections to try to plug them. As an example, the list is partially based on lists of coming events published in period publications. With printing lead times, some of these may have occurred or not. Sometimes we are able to find results which confirm the event, but on at least one occasion an event was only confirmed by input from the Group. The list now contains a separate tab with a list of "Phantom Events" that were listed in coming events but later confirmed to not have occurred.


      Larry provided some information on go-kart events sanctioned by the Competition Cart Club. Does anyone know anything more about this organization?


      With Larry, Terry, Don, David & Steve's help, we were able to confirm the Friday Night Sprints were run in 1963, but canceled in 1964.


      After a library trip earlier this week, two things have become apparent. First, to confirm which events occurred we are going to have to search period publications piece by piece. While the Sun & Post, as well as some period publications can (and have been) searched electronically, other newspapers and magazines need to be done by hand in microfilm or hard copy formats. This will be a slow process.


      Secondly, I have to agree with Michael Ling who mentioned Ev Gardner's columns. Gardner covered not only the local racing scene, but also always included information on the national scene. Looking through his work, you realize just what a great time capsule it is. It would be great if these could be compiled into one place, but a herculean task at best.


      Thanks again to all who have contributed. We will keep working on this and promulgate additional versions as we make progress.


      Take care,


      Mike Matune


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