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3703Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] List of "All" Marlboro Events

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  • Terry Oneil
    Apr 12, 2012
      Hello Rick,
      I wish that I could remember what I was doing some 55 years ago, so for you to remember a 6 hour race is quite something. However...... from the information that you gave it would appear that it was the second 6-hr race in 1957 that you entered, partnered by Art Tweedale and although not running at the finish, still attained the distinction of 11th place in the Index of Performance. Well done to you!
      Kindest regards
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      Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 3:06 PM
      Subject: Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] List of "All" Marlboro Events


      Am I the only one still alive who was entered in the first 6-hour event at Marlboro in 1956?

      I recall doing night practice in my Morgan and Fairthorpe for the six-hour, although the Morgan would only run in the EP race.  

      I was first in class in the GP/FP race with the Fairthorpe in the earlier regional races.  My co-driver for the 6-hour race was in front of me in an FP Alfa, which I could have passed easily, but saw no reason to do so.

      I still have the lavender and black miniature checkered flag for the GP win that Tex Hopkins mailed to me after I had moved to Oklahoma.  A better trophy than a pot - - - -.

      The Fairthorpe was in third overall when I turned it over to my co-driver, who brought it in with a destroyed gearbox less than thirty minutes later.  Didn't race in the dark, other than to do a half-lap of the oval so as to "finish" the event.

      Rick Kelly
      Oklahoma City

      On Apr 12, 2012, at 3:42 AM, David&Carol wrote:


      Hi Mike,

      Ev Gardner gave the event a paragraph as an upcoming race. The drivers named are familiar to us and were all experienced. Henry Hironaka was reported to be trying out his new Ferrari TRC. Prior to this he had been racing a Sprite so while he may have known his way around Marlboro, he was driving a car with a lot more potential.

       I believe he also had the TRC at the weekend driver's school. Probably taking the opportunity for more track time in a new, to him, car.

      The drivers in general did have some experience with night racing as the Six Hour  began in the afternoon and concluded at 10 pm. Also the Two Hour, which was  a fixture, usually ended up after dark and the 12 Hour had been run three times already. 

      If I can get my scanner working I will scan the About Autos & Racing column.

      Best wishes,


      On 11 Apr 2012, at 14:36, Mike Matune wrote:

      Don & David,
      I don't have anything for an event on Friday September 13, 1963. The Drivers' School was scheduled for Saturday & Sunday the 14th & 15th. If you would like to share the detail you have I will add the event as being scheduled without results. This is common as is the situation you describe where an event is previewed or shows in a Coming Events listing, but there are no published results. We will just have to keep our eyes open for other sources that may contain detail.
      There are a few references to other events listed as "Friday Night Sprints". So far we see these events scheduled, but haven't found results. Does anyone remember these?
      Would be very interested in hearing more on this or any other event in the listing or not.
      In a way I hope the Friday night event wasn't associated with the Drivers School. Would have been cruel to have students race in a night race on Friday, then teach them what to do on track on Saturday and Sunday. Not to mention selecting Friday the 13th for a race seems to be tempting fate!
      Mike Matune

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