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3701Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] List of "All" Marlboro Events

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  • Mike Matune
    Apr 12 11:48 AM

      Rick - Thanks for the recollection. Hope you and others have more to share.


      David & Don - Will add the September 13, 1963 to our event list and keep searching for any results. Doesn't seem to be a need to promulgate a new list with every change, will probably hold off and do it in bunches. If anyone needs an interim copy, please let me know. Appreciate your help in identifying holes in the list.


      Larry Jendras - Larry advised me of four other Kart events that occurred in 1960 and 1963. These too will be added to the list. Thanks Larry


      Steve Lloyd - On the subject of Friday night events, there seems to have been one on September 4, 1964. The event was listed in the Coming Events section of the May 21 CP&A. In addition Terry O'Neil advises it was covered in the Baltimore Sun on September 6. While you are looking through Straight Pipe for the '63 event, could you please keep a lookout for anything on the '64 event. Thanks


      Take care,


      Mike Matune


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