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3683List of "All" Marlboro Events

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  • Mike Matune
    Apr 10, 2012

    Some time ago, the idea of compiling a list of all events held at Marlboro was made. Attached is a first draft of such a list. As you can see, it is still very much a work in progress with numerous holes to be filled. We ask that you look through it and see what information you may hold that will help us complete the list. We will take it in whatever form is convenient.


    Numerous members contributed to this draft including Steve Knoll and Steve Lloyd. Special mention must be made of the work that Terry O'Neil and Larry Jendras did in not only supplying information, but also in continuingly reviewing the many versions and in answering innumerable questions. Thanks to all.


    To initiate the list we started with a list of events Terry O'Neil had developed for his upcoming book on Sports Car Racing in the Mid-Atlantic area. To this we added Steve Knoll's inventory of Bill Dobbins photos and an event schedule from a 1964 Race Program. From there it was a matter of combining information from  a number of period publications and introducing Larry Jendras' excellent work on the non-Sports Car events.


    Thanks to all who have and will contribute.


    Take care,


    Mike Matune






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