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364Dave Roethel Memoribillia

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  • Steve Lloyd
    Nov 6 12:26 PM
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      The Washington DC Region, SCCA will have its annual awards banquet in
      Virginia (Near the Beltway). We thought this would be a good time to
      have our first official exploration into the materials Dave Roethel
      bequeathed to the Region. There are many unidentified photos,
      magazines, entry lists (?) etc. etc. This exploration is scheduled
      tentatively for early morning til maybe noon, although that's not
      cast in stone. That evening the Region will have its awards ceremony
      and I will present a brief Marlboro or other historical video

      I'd like to invite your participation in the Roethel materials
      exploration and identification. The Region will cover the cost of
      having a court steno or videographer to record our stories,
      anecdotes, etc. Additionally, it may be possible to cover room
      accomodations for some of you who must travel a significant distance
      to get to the event. I can't give you an exact number right now
      because I have no idea how many people plan on particiapting. I do
      know that Sue Roethel and a few others plan to be there. To that end,
      if you would like to be there on the 20th, please let me know as soon
      as possible. I need to give the Region some numbers so they can make
      budgetary/planning decisions.

      Having had a quick look at Dave's materials, I doubt that one such
      meeting will suffice to ID everything. But we need to begin, and this
      is an excellent time since many of us are normally not racing at this
      time of the year.

      I will get back to you folks with an update during the next week or
      so and update you on the number of participants we're looking at. I
      may have mroe specifics then for you as well. In the meantime, please
      let me know if you're interested and whether or not accomodations
      would be necessary.

      This ought to be quite a bit of fun and an excellent opportunity to
      share memories from a wonderful era of sports cars and sports car
      racing. Please let me know!

      Steve Lloyd,
      Washington DC Region, SCCA
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