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362Call for photos

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  • Steve Knoll
    Oct 10, 2006

      The end of the racing season is in sight. While I will be covering a
      few more events, I would like to start gathering material for some
      more "Checkered Past" features with photos from Marlboro for
      www.laprecord.com during the off season

      You can also follow the progress of our latest project car

      I already have one in mind with photos from Dennis Miller & Stacey
      Hopkins with relatvely recent photos of Marlboro in it's overgrown
      state, but I would love to get more old photos of Marlboro in the day

      Surprisingly I have very few photos of Bob Sharp Racing & Group 44 &
      would love to get some

      Anyway, let me know if you have any you would be willing to share & we
      can work out details. I'm happy to scan them & will return any in
      short order & in perfect condition along with a CD of any scans I make

      Steve Knoll
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