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  • Bob
    Oct 1, 2011
      Sam misunderstood my comments and I apologize to anyone else who stumbled over my clumsy prose. We've talked off line, and I've clarified to his satisfaction.

      Entirely the opposite.

      Guys like Sam have the true spirit of vintage racing, reliving the way we remember it, and sharing their love.

      The other guys are feeding their warped egos ... and usually doing a bad job of it!

      Cheers, Bob

      On 9/30/2011 9:03 PM, sam_smith01@... wrote:

      Hi Bob,

      I do prefer that people smile rather then cry <a clown by definition;> -- my Alfa is prepared as well as I can make or pay to make it so - far better then when I bought it in 93 --Tivvy JR Bob Williams Steve Earle Ralph Whaley have ALL passed "Luigi" as safe to race -- I am sure better drivers could do much better with the car but then I would not have the enjoyment I waited over forty years for!
      Please direct your scorn elsewhere

      Sam Smith

      I helped at tech, timing and scoring, corner working and helped anyone who need help at Marlboro Raceway from 1961 to 69

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      Good on ya!

      I saw a guy with a '56 Vette with the engine bored and stroked to over 400 cubes, and fenders stretched to contain the ridiculous rubber. He quickly found out that the frame that had been based on a '53 Biscayne needed big time bracing to handle the rubber and loud pedal bits. Worst yet, the level of prep and workmanship would not have been a threat to a Saturday night hobby class beater.

      Vintage brings out the clowns!

      Cheers, Bob
      (a waste of a rare car!)

      On 9/28/2011 8:55 PM, Sam_Smith01@... wrote:

      Hi Bob,


      I drive "Luigi" my 1960 Alfa Giulietta Spider Veloce vintage racer <ran as black #54 at Marlboro, VIR, the Glen and other tracks with Michael Jamison and others from 65 to 76> on the street with a pair of super trap mufflers on straight pipes - plexi windscreen - roll bar my VSCCA race #173 on both doors headlights taped -- some police look most roll on by a few have waved and given me a thumbs up -- super traps rusted out  - going to Ansa tips used on a Ferrari Dino 246 front engined sports racer for a brief period



      Sam Smith



      From: "Bob" <bstorck@...>
      To: "Marlboro Raceway" <Marlboro_Raceway@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 8:31:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Looking for photos...Marlboro, 1963 Driver's School, 1964-66 Regionals,  D-Prod


      I can't help you with any early pix of the car, but I'm pretty sure I owned it for a while and last heard, it's still racing in vintage by my occasional crew chief, Bob Moser in Michigan.

      I bought the car from an ad in the Stopwatcher, and it came with wire wheels and a distinctive Wallbar. I recall the fellow I bought it from mentioned John Piggot as a previous owner, thus feel it was the same car. My landlord at the time and mentor, Al Wall had recollections of Pierre Mion being involved with the car at some time, whether as just a driver or what was not clear.

      I raced it in a couple Solo 1 events at Marlboro, and two regional races in which I won DP (as the fast guys had off weekends.) fyi, during that time I lived at 5047 Mass Ave., a block in from the MD line, and rented a single car garage from a neighbor without heat (or initially light!) I drove the car to the track with racing numbers
      and plug in mufflers, but no windshield or bumpers, to and from each day. Down past the embassies and Naval Observatory, down onto Rock Creek Parkway past the Kennedy center and the Lincoln Memorial amphitheater,  past the cherry trees and under the Bureau of Engraving onto the SW Freeway, off at South Capitol street and across that bridge to the Suitland Parkway, to Pennsylvania Ave. extended to Rt 301 and the racetrack. Obviously did this at least 14-16 times and waved at several officers enroute, but was never stopped. Try that today.

      Then I wound up taking a year off due to work, romance and other things, and during that year Summit Point opened. For some reason, the powers that be demanded that I run another driver school, despite having been undefeated in the SW Div in a DS Mini over two seasons, and having driven the Daytona 24, Sebring, and other enduros. SCCA is still SCCA! I ran the first driver school at the Point IIRC, and would have won the race handily but for some ringer named Al Holbert who showed up with a CP 914-6. btw, my instructor was Paul O'Malley who confessed to me that his license had expired four seasons back, and he hadn't bothered to renew it. (And, oh yes, I had instructed twice in the interim at VIR, but that was in the SEDiv, and somehow didn't count ...)

      I was loosely partnered with Chestertown's Bill Jarrell with his red SP-250 #64. We installed a proper racing seat and knock-off Minilites, and with the help of Lanky and Brian at Group 44 down the Falls Church road,  installed traction bars, lowered the suspension, a locked rear, and rebraced the roll bar to pick up suspension towers. As the ivory was looking a bit tatty, the car became the Mopar "Moby Grape" purple. The official number was 13, but due to conflicts in other regions, it raced more often as 18 or 19. It ran at Nelson, Pocono, Reading, Lime Rock, Thompson, Bryar and Cumberland as well at the Point.

      Few races were dnfs, but maintenance between races was maddeningly high for a guy with a full time job with travel, night college, SCCA production classes demanded too many fragile parts.

      When an ABC-TV cameraman, Jack ? called and made me an offer, I sold the car and went to my love, sports racers. But that's another ramble. Apparently Jack spent too much time and money on expensive and unproductive mods, and the car seldom finished. He sold the car, and that's when Bob Moser (who grew up in Wheaton and became a Chrysler exec.) found it. He since has painted it black, and done a proper preparation, and when I see him and the car listed and pictured in vintage mags, they are usually winners.

      Cheers, Bob

      On 9/26/2011 4:11 PM, Ray Fleming wrote:

      I'm 69, became paralyzed in 2007, confined to a wheelchair, but otherwise feeling great.  I have a lot of time on my hands and am thus trying to assemble various racing trophies, etc. in a case in my bedroom.  I find that I have very few photos from the 1963 school (in a maroon courier that a fellow named Ray Issacs was kind enough to loan me, but I have no photos at all of the DP car.  It was a 1960 Daimler SP-250, #14, same off-white color as Dunan Black's famous #4. I had bought it from a friend named John Piggott who lived in Great Falls, VA.
      I raced it 3 times, in each race finished third behind the late Jim Ladd, A-H-3000, and the great Bob Tullius, TR-4.
      If anyone can help, please contact me via email. I would just like to borrow the photos and would then copy them and return.
      Ray Fleming
      2765 East Mayberry Road
      Taneytown, MD 21787