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3202Latest issue of Fabulous Fifties

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  • Bob
    Mar 8 9:01 AM
    Opens with a great current photo of Carroll Shelby, Parnelli Jones and Dan Gurney. Just after I did a nostalgia article about Dan and Parnelli's epic duels in the TransAm( ... I felt they were mainly racing each other, and let the rest of the field take care of themselves!)

    A neat uplifting status report of Parnelli's son, Page's recovery status. After racing injuries that were all but fatal, and usually resulting in life long disabilities, his family did not give up. With intensive and loving therapy, he is married and working. Now the founder of the Godspeed group, dedicated to recovering from traumatic head injuries. Should be of special interest with Gabrielle Giffords' and so many current military victims. Soon to be on a TV program.

    On another uplifting note, long suffering from heart issues, loved writer Pete Lyons is recovering from major surgery, and we're hoping for a full recovery.

    I've attached a .pdf file, and hope you can read it. A great idea for those dozens of dash plaques peeled from your old TR-3 before you junked sold it. Dan and Evi Gurney agree!

    Cheers, Bob