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280Re: [Marlboro_Raceway] Thanks, John.

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  • Stephen Lloyd
    May 1, 2006
      I think we'd find it's a Cooper-Bristol as driven by Mike Hawthorn. There was quite a bit of discussion over the PA that day. If you recall, Rick, I'd mentioned before we took photos of this car from almost the same place. I've got it on movies as well.
      Steve L.

      rollingthunder78@... wrote:
      Right as usual Bob...........
      Rick Mandelson
      Ellicott City, Maryland
      On Mon, 01 May 2006 17:35:46 -0500 Bob Storck <bstorck@...> writes:
      m. z. wrote:

      > When I saw the line about a Maserati 250 at Marlboro,
      > it rang a bell.
      > Not exactly correctly, or anything.  But I'd seen
      > these pictures while building the track:
      > http://www.thevintageracer.com/rickm/rick_msb5.htm
      > which include a big front-engined, fifties GP car at
      > marlboro.  I can't identify it exactly, but I'll bet
      > there's someone here who can...

      Looks like the early 50s HWM that Stirling drove for a while before he
      moved up to the Maserati 250.

      Cheers, Bob


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