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20Museum? What Museum?

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  • Don Haines
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hello all,

      I  was surprised by talk of a "museum". First I heard of such a thing was in a email from Gordon White.  Perhaps he was misinterperating what the chat has been. Or maybe I missed something.

         While a museum would be cool (great stroke to the ego), it would cost money, staff, etc.  If I still had money, I'd still be racing Corvettes :-).   And like Steve  said, 'it's been done' elsewhere like Latimore or Watkins Glen. 

       I think we would be doing well just to gather the info, and set up some kind of internet repository of stuff.  Maybe even have a reunion of sorts every now and then while there are still some of us left to reunion ;-D  

       That is what used to be called my 2 cents. But with inflation.....

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