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Feature Suggestion: Default Record Good morning all and Happy Easter. It sure has been quiet in the Xi Group lately, hopefully because everyone is doing lots of business. I have a feature
Apr 18
Version download? I've inadvertently lost the link to download the older version of Xi. I need to have it so that I can access old calendars and data. Could you let me know how
    Gabrielle Nemes
    Mar 16
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    Re: Server down? 1/12/2014 It appears to be back up.
    Jan 13
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    Re: Server down? 1/12/2014 I have been in meetings. Is this back up?  Derek Bauer Team Leader | Real estate expert Real Estate One and Max Broock 248.419.3240 - office
    Derek Bauer | Real Estate Broker
    Jan 13
    Re: Server down? 1/12/2014 Does anyone have a way of contacting them? It is Monday morning and it appears to still be down. Without some kind of communications we are just left hanging.
    Jan 13
    Re: Server down? 1/12/2014 I have confirmed that that they are aware of it and that it is being worked on. No time was given for when it will be fixed.
    Jan 12
    Server down? 1/12/2014 It seems the server is down, again. I can not Internet sync, and advantagexi.com is down (that is now my first test to see if it is a server issue). What is
    Jan 12
    Unexpected Error - program will not open When attempting to open program get "unexpected error - quitting". I have followed the instructions on the support web page to no avail. Wondering if I
    Jan 4
    Is the server down again Doug Whitehouse | Pru Hannett, Wilson, Whitehouse & Burke, Realtors | Birmingham, MI | Direct 248-540-8100 | Fax 248-540-2239 | Cell 248-909-9511 |
      Doug Whitehouse
      Jan 2
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      Re: SYSTEM DOWN Yep It is my pleasure to assist you, Derek Bauer Team Leader / Real Estate Expert / Associate Broker 248.419.3240 - office Derek@...
      Derek Bauer
      Dec 18, 2013
      SYSTEM DOWN IT appears that the system is down - anyone else having a problem. Doug Doug Whitehouse | Pru Hannett, Wilson, Whitehouse & Burke, Realtors | Birmingham, MI
      Doug Whitehouse
      Dec 18, 2013
      Re: 2 gig data base limit? Any work around? Archiving should correct the problem however the other possibility is that you have sync "conflicts" which are stored by the database. In most cases this is
      Nov 1, 2013
      2 gig data base limit? Any work around? I've been using this for close to 4 years and my data base is also hovering close to the 2 gig limit and seems to go over about once a week. I've had to set
      Oct 29, 2013
      Re: Can't send email Been using Xi for years and never had these problems. On Oct 10, 2013 4:29 PM, "Derek Bauer, Real estate expert" < ...
      Don Gockel
      Oct 10, 2013
      Re: Can't send email That happens to me on some emails, but not many. Also there are many emails that I go to respond to, and the entire message that I am replying to disappears.
      Derek Bauer, Real estate expert
      Oct 10, 2013
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      Can't send email Why does this Xi close itself when I try to respond to or forward an email? I so dislike this program and its bugs. Now I cannot send an email. Please help.
      Oct 10, 2013
      DirectNic.com Registation issue I apologize to everyone for the the down time on AdvantageXi.com. The registration of AdvantageXi.com through directnic is currently under a different contact
      Oct 6, 2013
      Re: Program gets stuck syncing upon opening barb, I apologize for the the down time. I am working to correct the problem. The registration of AdvantageXi.com through directnic is currently under a
      Oct 6, 2013
      Re: Program gets stuck syncing upon opening @barbhibnick Yes, this is annoying to not be able to use the program this weekend. I have relied on it for years and this seems to happen more and more. If you
      Oct 6, 2013
      Re: Program gets stuck syncing upon opening I am having the same problem and I get a message that the domain has expired….. I don't understand what is going on. Does anyone know what's happening? Doug
      Doug Whitehouse
      Oct 6, 2013
      Program gets stuck syncing upon opening Here it is on a busy weekend and I've tried to open my Xi program. It starts the syncing process and won't finish it. I have to control-alt-delete and shut it
      Oct 5, 2013
      Zillow leads Anyone else purchasing Zillow leads? This has been a good source of new business for us this year and I would like to automatically create a new user in XI but
      Sep 23, 2013
      Moving email library to another computer Most of the emails that I have created as templates on machine number one do not automatically show up on machine #2 that was recently reformatted. Is there a
      Sep 23, 2013
      Re: Smart Phone Personally, I only route one email address through gmail, but I know you can do several. You'd need to determine which you'd want as your default outgoing
      Sep 20, 2013
      Re: Smart Phone Motorola has a new up to date line of DROID You can even start it by voice from the SD sleep mode
      Gene Allen
      Sep 20, 2013
      Re: Smart Phone The Droid X is about three years old. I had one and liked it until about a year ago and now have a Droid RAZR. I'm not very happy with it at this point. --- In
      Sep 20, 2013
      Re: Smart Phone I don't use Advantage xi but have had many smart phones. The one I like best is from Motorola. It is the DROID line. They have a new one called the DROID X. To
      Sep 20, 2013
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      Re: Smart Phone THANK-YOU!! Do you route all your emails thru gmail address?? Ones that are connected thru website and I have one with roadrunner. Is that what you have done?
      Sep 20, 2013
      Re: Smart Phone Using the sync through Gmail, when properly set up, your email, calendar and contacts (including XI classifications) will sync with your phone...I think pretty
      Sep 20, 2013
      Re: Smart Phone Thanks for pointing me in a direction to checkout. Does Advantage sync calendar, email and contacts with google? I will also check if Advantage has any info in
      Sep 20, 2013
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