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      > **********************
      > Summer internship/ Field research assistants
      > Field research assistants (16) needed for a long term
      > research program designed to examine the evolution of life
      > history traits as well as the influence of predation rates,
      > habitat structure, and microclimate on nest site selection in
      > birds. Field assistants will have the opportunity to gain
      > experience in many of the field techniques used in avian
      > research such as: nest searching, mist netting, target
      > netting, territorial mapping, re sighting, vegetation surveys
      > and video taping nests. The study site is located in north
      > central Arizona in the Coconino National Forest at 8,000 ft.
      > elevation. The field camp is remote and requires tent living
      > (you must provide your own tent). The project runs from May
      > 1st to July 24 31st. Applicants should have a strong work
      > ethic and appreciation for scientific research. Please email
      > or surface mail: cover letter stating your interest in the
      > project and relevant experience, resume, and contact details
      > of three referees by Jan 31st to Lainie Berry, Montana
      > Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, Natural Sciences 205,
      > University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812, USA PH: 406 243
      > 5342; EMAIL: lainieb@...

      > **********************
      > We are studying Wolbachia induced sex ratio distortion in the
      > butterfly Hypolimnas bolina, and are looking for a volunteer
      > to help collect and breed Hypolimnas butterflies in S.E. Asia
      > for a period of four to eight weeks in spring/summer 2004.
      > The volunteer would be working alongside a graduate student
      > in the field. We are keen to find a committed individual,
      > with independence, who is prepared to work in basic
      > facilities in tropical field conditions. Excellent basic
      > health and fitness is therefore a prerequisite. Fieldwork
      > experience and a biological/ecological background, would also
      > be welcome. We are happy to contribute towards the fare to
      > S.E. Asia, and also with daily living expenses during the visit.
      > Please write, with details of background and experience, to
      > Greg Hurst (g.hurst@...).
      > **********************
      > Chicago Botanic Garden/BLM internship
      > Chicago Botanic Garden's conservation and land management
      > mentoring program is seeking to place twenty outstanding
      > college graduates for five month paid internships to assist
      > professional staff at Bureau of Land Management (BLM) state
      > and field offices. Interns will undertake a comprehensive
      > review of Endangered Species Act listing, recovery, and
      > consultation processes. Tasks may include mapping, field
      > work, report writing, and literature searches. Each intern
      > will receive training on the Endangered Species Act and
      > related conservation issues at a one week course in Chicago.
      > Travel and lodging for the course will be provided. After
      > training, interns will be assigned to work with a mentor at
      > priority BLM sites throughout the United States; most offices
      > are in western states. The stipend for the internship is
      > $1500/month. To apply, send a letter of interest,
      > transcripts, resume, and three letters of recommendation to
      > the address below by March 15, 2003. Interns will be selected
      > by April 15, 2003. The training course in Chicago is in mid
      > May and internships begin immediately afterward. Dr. Kayri
      > Havens Chicago Botanic Garden 1000 Lake Cook Road Glencoe, IL
      > 60022 khavens@....
      > **********************
      > Organization: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
      > Location: Colorado Springs, CO
      > Date: Jan 14, 2004
      > Are you a student or recent graduate interested in
      > environmental or animal education, conservation and
      > interpretation? The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a seasonal
      > part-time position available beginning in March 2004 and
      > ending in November/December 2004. This position consists of
      > 20-40+ hours per week from Thursday through Sunday. The
      > position includes leading overnight programs at the zoo
      > (candidate must sleep at the zoo up to 3 nights per week),
      > leading educational birthday party programs, assisting
      > supervisor with Zoo Discovery Programs (ages 3-6), assisting
      > supervisor with Teacher's Workshops held on zoo grounds as
      > well as assisting with various other education programs. In
      > this position you will gain experience developing,
      > implementing and evaluating education programs on and off zoo
      > grounds. Applicants should be comfortable working with
      > children, handling small mammals and reptiles and speaking to
      > the public. The candidate will receive $5.15 per hour
      > (including hours spent sleeping while in charge of an
      > overnight group) and will be eligible for health insurance
      > benefits after 90 days of employment. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
      > is an equal opportunity employer. Interested applicants
      > should send a cover letter and resume to: Email:
      > lsprague@... or Leslie Sprague c/o Education Program
      > Leader Position Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 4250 Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo
      > Road Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Deadline for applications:
      > February 13, 2004
      > **********************
      > Organization: MOODY GARDENS
      > Location: GALVESTON, TX
      > Date: Jan 14, 2004
      > MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - Report to work location
      > by scheduled time. Maintain clean, professional appearance.
      > Perform daily routines as scheduled. Maintain appropriate
      > animal records. Assist with animal treatments and perform
      > some treatments as directed. Assist with animal movements as
      > directed. Conduct yourself in a helpful, patient manner with
      > all public. Participate in various public presentations, with
      > or without animals. Interact with professionals and special
      > guests as directed. Communicate problems with animals and
      > exhibits to Biologist Lead/Curators. Observe and help
      > maintain areas not normally your responsibility as directed.
      > Report supply needs to Biologist Leads/Curators. Assist with
      > training of staff. Be available to work as required. Be
      > organized and self-motivated. POSITION REQUIREMENTS: High
      > School diploma or equivalent. College degree in Biology,
      > Zoology, Animal Science or related field preferred. One year
      > paid animal care experience or a combination of education and
      > experience. Must be organized, self-motivated, with desire to
      > see completion of projects. Certified S.C.U.B.A. diver
      > preferable, must be a swimmer and willing to learn to dive.
      > Must have valid drivers license and reliable transporation.
      > Must be self-motivated, with high desire to provide the best
      > care available to animals. Must be observant. Must work with
      > other employees and volunteers in a polite, patient manner.
      > WORKING CONDITIONS: Subject to possibility of bites, stings.
      > Work in water, both man-made and natural. Heavy lifting (50
      > pounds or more), walking and working within a wet
      > environment. Outdoor work on occasion, under variety of
      > conditions: cold weather, hot weather, rain, mud, ocean
      > environments, and dry land. Availability for overtime, both
      > non-emergency or emergency situations. Interested applicants
      > should fax a resume to Human Resources at 409-683-4930 or
      > email resume to LSALAZAR@...
      > **********************
      > Fisheries Technician
      > Temporary Position
      > Location
      > Lewiston, ID
      > Salary
      > $11.53 an hour
      > Dates Needed
      > 5/31/04-12/3/04
      > Responsibilities
      > Supervise a crew of four to conduct fish and habitat surveys
      > in backcountry streams, angler surveys, and chinook redd
      > surveys. Backcountry surveys are conducted by snorkeling,
      > electrofishing, and seining. Technician will be responsible
      > for maintaining equipment, assuring data are collected
      > properly, summarization of data, and assist with preparation
      > of reports. Crew will typically work eight 10-hour days
      > followed by six days off duty, with some variability in
      > schedules. Crew will camp in remote locations during
      > fieldwork.You will be required to walk several miles in
      > rugged terrain in and along stream banks, stand and work in
      > cold water up to 10 hours per shift, work in extreme weather
      > conditions, lift and carry equipment up to 60 pounds with
      > occasional lifting up to 100 pounds for short distances, and
      > work underwater using snorkeling equipment.
      > Qualifications/Skills Need
      > B.S. degree in fisheries, biology, or related field; or
      > equivalent in training and experience. Individuals with
      > experience in conducting snorkeling surveys to monitor
      > salmonid populations, good computer skills and database
      > management experience will be given preference. Ability to
      > supervise others, work in adverse weather, handle live and
      > dead fish, and carry a 40 lb. pack for several miles is
      > required. Must be able to swim.
      > To Apply
      > Register with Job Service (http://www.labor.state.id.us/)
      > prior to contacting Mr. Brindza.
      > After registering with Job Service, send resume, references,
      > and a completed IDFG Application For Temporary Employment
      > (available at
      > http://www2.state.id.us/fishgame/us/employment/index.cfm), to:
      > Nathan Brindza
      > Idaho Department of Fish and Game
      > 1540 Warner Ave
      > Lewiston, ID 83501
      > or email to: nbrindza@...
      > Application Deadline
      > 3/30/04
      > **********************
      > Fisheries Bio-aide (2 positions)
      > Temporary Position
      > Location
      > Nampa, ID
      > Salary
      > $7.41 an hour
      > Dates Needed
      > 10 May 2004 to September 2004, depending on applicants
      > availability considering school and other obligations
      > Responsibilities
      > Bio-aides will work on a crew of 2 to 3 while conducting
      > hydroacoustic surveys, gillnetting, purse seining, and
      > limnological surveys at various lakes and reservoirs in
      > Idaho. They will be responsible for data collection and
      > assuring data are collected properly. Crews will leave from
      > and return to the Nampa Research Station and will typically
      > work four 10-hour days followed by three days off or eight
      > 10-hour days followed by six days off. Crews will camp on
      > site while performing field work. All equipment, camping
      > gear, and food will be supplied by the project, except for
      > sleeping bags. Housing in the Nampa-Boise area is NOT
      > provided while off duty.
      > Qualifications/Skills Need
      > Bio-aides must have at least one year of education toward a
      > B.S. degree in fisheries, biology, or a related field or
      > other fisheries experience. Individuals with experience in
      > gillnetting, boat operation, maintenance, and transportation,
      > good computer skills, and database management will be given
      > preference. Bio-aides must demonstrate the ability to handle
      > responsibility, and work well with others. They will be
      > required to work at night and may need to carry up to 60
      > pounds of equipment, as well as work in extreme weather conditions.
      > To Apply
      > First: Prepare the following:
      > - A current resume.
      > - Three work references (names and phone numbers of
      > three people who you have worked for in the past).
      > - A completed Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game
      > application for temporary employment. This form can be found
      > on the internet at
      > http://www2.state.id.us/fishgame/us/employment/forms/tempapp.doc
      > Third: Send or e-mail the application material to
      > Idaho Fish and Game
      > c/o Art Butts
      > 1414 E. Locust Ln.
      > Nampa, ID 83683
      > E-mail: abutts@...
      > Phone: 208-465-8404 ext. 271
      > Application Deadline
      > 26 March 2003 or until filled
      > **********************
      > Temporary Fish Tech I
      > Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association
      > Sitka, Alaska
      > Description: Field duties include collection of fish and
      > limnology samples, data recording, application of liquid
      > fertilizer, and a variety of tasks involved with project
      > support. Qualifications: Educational background in fisheries
      > biology that includes an exposure to limnology as well as
      > someone having a strong work ethic. Familiarity with skiffs
      > and knowledge of the proper operation and routine maintenance
      > of outboard motors, chainsaws, and firearms is desirable.
      > Salary: $10.00 per hour.
      > Craig Chisam
      > NSRAA
      > 1308 Sawmill Creek Rd.
      > Sitka, AK 99835
      > Phone: 907-747-6850
      > Fax: 907-747-1470
      > Email: craig_chisam@...
      > Website: <http://www.nsraa.org>
      > **********************
      > Aiken Canyon Outreach Intern
      > Title: Aiken Canyon Outreach Intern
      > Location: Aiken Canyon Preserve
      > Time Period: mid-May/early-June - late-August/early-September
      > SUMMARY:
      > The Aiken Canyon Intern will assist Nature Conservancy staff
      > in the day-to-day operation of the Aiken Canyon Preserve.
      > The Preserve is located approximately 15 miles south of
      > Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Intern will be responsible
      > for keeping the Aiken Canyon Field Station open and clean for
      > the public on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The Intern will
      > also be responsible for assisting with the Preserve's
      > programs, public field trips, and volunteer work days. This
      > is a paid internship and lodging at the Aiken Canyon Field
      > Station is provided for no charge.
      > 1. Completion or progress toward a degree in environmental
      > education and/or natural resource management preferred,
      > marketing, biology, geology, and other degrees also
      > considered. 2. Ability to work effectively with a wide
      > variety of people. Excellent verbal communications skills
      > are a must. 3. Ability to walk long distances and work
      > outside during hot weather. 4. Ability to work efficiently
      > and in an organized manner with strong attention to detail.
      > 5. A cheerful and outgoing personality, positive attitude,
      > sense of humor and team spirit are very important. 6.
      > Familiarity with Southern Front Range foothills ecosystem and
      > its flora and fauna is highly desirable. 7. Willingness to
      > live at Aiken Canyon Preserve. The Intern will be housed in
      > the Field Station apartment at no charge. A personal car is
      > necessary to get into town for shopping, etc. 8. Willingness
      > to work on weekends and nights as needed. 9. Certification in
      > first aid and CPR is desirable. 10. Commitment to
      > preservation of biological diversity.
      > To apply, send, fax, or email a cover letter and resume to:
      > Erin Allen
      > The Nature Conservancy
      > Colorado Field Office
      > 2424 Spruce Street
      > Boulder, CO 80302
      > fax: 303-444-2986
      > email: eallen@...
      > Friday, Jan. 30th, 2004.
      > **********************
      > Arickaree River-Biodiversity Monitoring Intern
      > Title: Biodiversity Monitoring Intern
      > Location: Arickaree River Conservation Area
      > Time Period: early/mid May through August, 2004
      > SUMMARY:
      > The Biodiversity Monitoring Intern will assist Conservancy
      > staff in developing and implementing a program to monitor
      > biodiversity health in the Arickaree River Conservation Area
      > in Yuma County, CO, and potentially other Northeast Colorado
      > conservation areas. The Biodiversity Monitoring Intern may
      > also participate in land management activities on TNC or
      > other land. The Biodiversity Monitoring intern will be based
      > at the Fox Ranch, located 160 miles east of Denver, on
      > Highway 36. The intern will be responsible for a wide
      > variety of tasks including, but not limited to, ecological
      > data collection, monitoring, invasive species mapping and
      > control (may include pesticide application), and aiding staff
      > with donor visits and events. This is a paid position for 35
      > hours/week. Housing may be provided. Camping and some
      > overnight and weekend work may be required.
      > 1. Completion or progress toward a degree in biology,
      > forestry, range, fisheries, wildlife management, a related
      > field, or equivalent experience. 2. Ability to work
      > effectively with a wide variety of people. Excellent verbal
      > communication skills are a must. 3. Ability to perform
      > physical labor under hot weather conditions. 4. GPS/GIS
      > skills highly desirable. 5. Ability to work efficiently and
      > in an organized manner with strong attention to detail. 6. A
      > cheerful and outgoing personality, positive attitude, sense
      > of humor and team spirit are very important.
      > 7. Familiarity with eastern Colorado, ranching, and
      > agricultural practices is highly desirable. 8. Willingness to
      > live in remote area, nearest town is 30 miles. A personal
      > car is necessary to get into town for shopping, etc. 9.
      > Willingness to work nights and weekends as needed. 10.
      > Certification in First Aid and CPR is desirable. 11.
      > Commitment to preservation of biological diversity.
      > To apply send, fax, or email a cover letter and resume to:
      > Erin Allen
      > The Nature Conservancy
      > Colorado Field Office
      > 2424 Spruce Street
      > Boulder, CO 80302
      > email: eallen@...
      > fax: 303.444.2986
      > FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 2004.
      > **********************
      > Job Title: Stewardship/Project Intern
      > Organization: Wood River Land Trust
      > Location: Hailey, ID
      > Job Type: Paid Internship
      > Job Posted: 1/6/2004
      > Application Deadline: 2/5/2004
      > The Wood River Land Trust is dedicated to
      > conserving, restoring and protecting open lands,
      > special places and wildlife habitat of the Wood
      > River Valley. We work cooperatively with private
      > landowners and local communities to assure these
      > properties are protected now and as a legacy for
      > future generations.
      > LOCATION: Hailey, Idaho
      > START DATE:
      > Summer 2004: June, July, August
      > Flexible year round opportunities also available.
      > REPORTS TO:
      > Stewardship Coordinator and/or Project Coordinator
      > Assists staff with monitoring and managing
      > conservation easements and preserves.
      > . Performs fieldwork as necessary to maintain all
      > preserves in accordance with management plans.
      > . Provide support in maintaining and updating the
      > conservation easement database, including computer
      > records.
      > . Conducts on-site inspections of all Land Trust's
      > conservation easements.
      > . Conducts on-site inspections of all Land Trust's
      > preserves.
      > . Assists staff with all preparatory and follow-up
      > tasks related to easement inspections and plan
      > review, including but not limited to, inspections
      > for compliance, maintenance of files and
      > photographic records, documentations, gathering
      > GPS data of field observations, and landowners
      > contacts.
      > . Performs other tasks related to land stewardship
      > and land management as required.
      > Looking for an intelligent and self-motivated individual with
      > a background or keen interest in environmental conservation.
      > Requires physical work, outdoor labor in all weather conditions
      > Please send a letter of interest and a resume to
      > the address below or via email:
      > akennedy@... Contact person(s): Allison
      > Kennedy, Stewardship Assistant or Elizabeth Zellers,
      > Stewardship Coordinator.
      > The Wood River Land Trust
      > P.O. Box 6376
      > Ketchum, ID 83340
      > Phone: 208-788-3947
      > http://www.woodriverlandtrust.org

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