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Re: [ML] ML 2.5 troubles...

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  • Grant
    That s GREAT to hear! Glad you are up and running again. We d all be lost without Mark :) -Grant
    Message 1 of 19 , Aug 1, 2003
      That's GREAT to hear! Glad you are up and running again. We'd all be lost
      without Mark :)


      > From: "nate" <nate@...>
      > Reply-To: MarimbaLuminaries@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 19:56:11 -0600
      > To: <MarimbaLuminaries@yahoogroups.com>
      > Subject: Re: [ML] ML 2.5 troubles...
      > Well, looks like the probelm has been solved based on the suggestion from a
      > couple people on this list - thank you Mark especially. It turned out to be
      > an easy solution - engage the reset button near the power switch. I did
      > this early on with to no avail, but discovered later I was using it wrong.
      > The correct way is while it's powered down you hold the reset button in and
      > switch on the power. The LCD should say initializing for a few seconds and
      > then that is it. So I feel like a dope that I just hit the reset button
      > while still powered on previously. Should of read the manual more closely.
      > Anyway, whatever the reininitialization does, it cleared up the strange
      > behaviour I was seeing with my Lumina (see this email thread). It is still
      > unclear to me though how it got to that state in the first place. In case
      > you are wondering, the reset does not erase all your hard work, it still
      > preserves all your user programs, but I would imagine it is still a good
      > idea to back up your programs before-hand just in case. So if you ever
      > experience something similar to what I did, try this first and see if the
      > problem goes away.
      > thanks,
      > nate
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