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Re: This week's SF Bay Area Lumina performances

Ah - I saw Florida and got psyched - but then noticed it was Florida St. in San Francisco. Don't hear too much about these any more... Best wishes for the
Jun 18, 2016

New Lumina 3.5's still for sale and the YouTube videos

I still have a new Marimba Lumina 3.5 in stock and available for sale. It's the same design as the classic Lumina but with the upgrade installed and the black
Jun 17, 2016

This week's SF Bay Area Lumina performances

This week there will be plenty of Marimba Lumina 3.5 played at Events in the SF Bay Area. I'll be performing four 1/2 hours sets in a Duo with Paul Dresher at
Jun 17, 2016

new Marimba Lumina 3.5's available

Anyone on this list still interested in getting a new Marimba Lumina 3.5 please contact me. See the website for more information. ...
Aug 29, 2015

Lumina in NYC at Roulette tonight Oct 26 and later in Boston area

I have not updated this Yahoo group with my Lumina tour info enough I know. After travelling throughout the East Coast month we are finally in NYC tonight.
Oct 26, 2014


I've been having fun looping with Logic Pro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcYQ849W918 Does anyone use Mainstage with the looper plug in? Ken
Aug 29, 2013

wanted - Marimba Lumina

anyone have one they would part with? thanks! -rick
Aug 27, 2013

Re: lumina 2.5 vs. 3.5 or other versions

Hi Anne, As I remember it, that was one of the features of the 2.5 and not the 3.5. I'd ask Joel at http://www.absolutedeviation.com/ just to be sure. (he's on
Grant Porter
Jun 7, 2012

lumina 2.5 vs. 3.5 or other versions

Is the 2.5 the only version that takes a headphone? Anne [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Anne Wolfe
Jun 3, 2012

Re: Newly Luminated! - performance this week in VT

It is nice to see some activity. N. Scott Robinson, welcome. The first thing I did was go through the manual (rare for me), then have it open while going
May 9, 2012

Re: Newly Luminated! - performance this week in VT

ML is definitely alive. Besides items at absolutedeviation.com, I've been busy performing as well. This Friday I'll be in Burlington, Vermont at the Flynn
May 9, 2012

Re: Newly Luminated!

Hi Mark, That sounds pretty cool. Glad there are folks out there keeping the ML alive. Definitely let us know how it goes and post some video if you can.
Grant Porter
May 8, 2012

Re: Newly Luminated!

Grant's right, not much chatter on the list, so I'll add my two cents here. The Redwood Symphony has commissioned a Marimba Lumina Concerto that I'll be
Mark Goldstein
May 8, 2012

Re: Newly Luminated!

Howdy, I can't really say there's much interaction on the list any more but there are a few people listening. :) -Grant ... [Non-text portions of this message
Grant Porter
May 8, 2012

Newly Luminated!

Hello Everyone, I just bought Andy's Marimba Lumina 2.5. Looking forward to interacting with you all on this amazing instrument! N. Scott Robinson
May 8, 2012
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