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  • Its abebooks.com.They had 2 copies of the book left in stock and I'm getting one of them. -VanTassel
    ui9ojiopk@... Dec 13, 2013
  • I managed to find a place that can ship a copy of the book to me, so I should be getting it within the next couple weeks or less. Thanks for the help! -VanTassel
    ui9ojiopk@... Dec 13, 2013
  • Kath- I live in the U.S. so I wouldn't be able to attend that festival unfortunately. And I guess I just didnt know how buying the book right from him would work with the currency change, as in if it would be super complicated or not. Susanne- If I am somehow unable to contact Hikmet, I'll try to contact you for the revised edition. -VanTassel
    ui9ojiopk@... Dec 11, 2013
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  • I am looking to get a copy of Hikmet Barut├žugil's Dream of Water: Ebru book in english. The only reliable site I can find to get it from is his own site and the prices seem to be in Turkish Lira. If I could get any help on getting this book with dollars, it would be very appreciated. Also, if you happen to have a copy you would like to sell feel free to message me. -VanTassel
    ui9ojiopk@... Dec 10, 2013
  • ...forgot about my name showing because I thought it would just show on my email haha. -VanTassel ---In marbling@^$1, wrote: Dear " ui9ojiopk" (You didn't give your name), What kind of gall are you using? Is it what Windsor & Newton sells? If so, don't waste your time...
    ui9ojiopk@... Nov 25, 2013
  • I've been trying to get some watercolor paints to work on a tragacanth size and I cant seem to get the paint to spread correctly no matter how much ox gall I add. It floats but it kind of spreads into a vein like look. They are winsor and newton designers gouache paints and i first add enough water to make it the consistency of skim milk. I think i have to add a binder like gum...
    ui9ojiopk@... Nov 14, 2013