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  • Griffin I would highly recommend Snow Farm in Western Mass where Dan and Regina StJohn teach marbling I believe a couple times a year. Check out Chena River Marblers on the web for their teaching schedule as they teach in many places. If you search the archives of this group you will find many references to classes. Good luck! George www.suspensions-design.com
    George Reynolds Oct 28
  • I've been using these papers for years and normally they work great. From time to time this will happen and I always assume that it was a paper that for some reason I forgot to alum but it's possible that there is the occasional paper with a slightly different amount of "size" that affects the alum. Another possibility: your alum solution is a little thin. Sometimes marbling is a...
    George Reynolds Oct 22
  • I have been marbling on silk for a few years and I have been looking into "opaque" acrylic paints for a long time. My conclusion: for the most part they don't exist. There are colors that are more opaque than others - two good examples are Titanium Whie and Pyrole Red. However most will pickup the color of the background to some degree (I marble on pre-dyed silk). This then is a...
    georger1998@... Sep 15
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  • Jenny I have been marbling silk scarves for a few years now using Liquitec Acrylics and Carrageenan. I mix the acrylics with Golden Fabric Medium and water to get the right fluidity and it's worked great. So I know you have a different setup but here is an idea. One of the (many) great things about the Fabric Medium is that it heat sets. So after ironing the paints are permanent...
    George Reynolds Aug 22
  • Anyone know how to make Carrageenan? I seem to remember seeing posts on this group talking about way back on the 20th century making ones own. This can't be a small project (I need 6-9 gallons for scarves) but if one can buy the right seaweed it might be a lot cheaper. Any thoughts/recipes? George www.suspensions-design.com
    George Reynolds Aug 10
  • My question exactly! AND.... Can you give a rough ratio such as one teaspoon per quart or the like. Thanks! George
    George Reynolds Apr 19
  • You cant post pictures to the group message board. You have to post a link to the pictures or I think you can post a picture to the Marbling Group Home and then refer to them. Go to To net work with other marbling artists---promote this decorated paper technique---showcase our works To net work with other marbling artists---promote th... To net work with other marbling artists...
    georger1998@... Feb 26
  • Sinan Oops you didn't include the URL.... George
    George Reynolds Feb 26
  • I have been exploring the use of Photoshop to combine marbled designs and create new designs. In other-words a digital approach to Over-Marbling. To be honest I like some of the results and don't like others but it does open up an interesting approach to creating interesting fabrics thru printing (say on Spoonflower) or tiles or other mediums suitable for printing. Here are a few...
    georger1998@... Feb 25
  • Here is a link to Snow Farm - it's just outside Northampton MA: http://www.snowfarm.org/ George
    George Reynolds Jan 31