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  • Kitty Easton (Phoebe Jane Easton's daughter) is selling back issues of Ink & Gall on Ebay. You can contact her directly by email: ke@^$1 This is a RARE opportunity to complete your collection of the Ink & Gall journal! Milena [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Milena Hughes Jun 27, 2008
  • Amy (Lee) Segami studied with me at my marbling resource studio in Evanston, IL, in the late 1980's. The workshops were traditional paper marbling. It would be great to see new work of hers as the images in the article are quite old. Milena
    mpmh60201 Nov 6, 2007
  • For those of you in the Chicago metropolitan area: I will be teaching a Suminagashi workshop intensive at the Evanston Art Center on May 5/6: Suminagashi and Beyond: Color Theory and Composition The center's web site is www.evanstonartcenter.org Milena
    mpmh60201 Jan 8, 2007
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  • Sylvanye, There are several artisans in Tukey who create beautiful marbling on glass. Perhaps one of them might read this and be able to help you. Keep watching for replies to your inquiry. Milena
    mpmh60201 Dec 24, 2006
  • If you haven't already done so, take a few minutes to view the incredible marbled artwork of an American master: Christopher Weimann. Ingrid has posted 10 new images. Of special interest is the floral art from "Fine Print" (vol.7, #3), plus "Tiger Eating a Gazelle", and his marbled ladies. Go to PHOTOS (at left) and the album labeled: C. Weimann. Spectacular work. Thank you for sharing, Ingrid! Milena
    mpmh60201 Sep 26, 2006
  • For those of you who have emailed me hunting for the Aurora Banners: At the upper left of this site's home page there is a panel listing various categories. Click on Photos, scroll down to the second row and the fourth album: Hughes/Aurora Banners. Click to open: Autumn Leaves and Wind Song. Thanks again for the many personal responses to the images! Milena
    mpmh60201 Sep 19, 2006
  • ...creative tool. Scan and save your favorite marbled images. One never knows where they will end up (or hang up in this instance)! Milena
    mpmh60201 Sep 16, 2006
  • I had no problem linking to this site. It's marvelous work, combining traditional Ebru with the artist's contemporary vision, some reminiscent of Mustfa Duzgunman and Hikmet Barutcugil. There is also exceptional texture created in several of the papers, and the inclusion of figures is done well- both in execution and composition. Milena
    mpmh60201 Feb 24, 2006
  • ...called me, and I received AMPLE compensation after negotiating a new contract for the reprint. Others have not been so lucky. Milena --- In Marbling@^$1, "hamburgerbuntpapier_de" wrote: > > Yehuda- > in any case you should sign your sheet clearly and insist on...
    mpmh60201 Dec 14, 2005
  • Yes, mine arrived, too. As delicate as butterfly wings unfolding from its white tube cocoon! -Milena
    mpmh60201 Dec 3, 2005