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Re: HELP!!!!! My (very long) marbling experiences

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  • enigmaticmatrix
    Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your suggestions! I have been stuck on this computer reading a lot of posts. I want to introduce myself. I am an artist, and
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 20, 2002
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      Hi everyone!
      Thanks for all of your suggestions! I have been stuck on this
      computer reading a lot of posts. I want to introduce myself. I am an
      artist, and have been drawing and painting on paper and canvas, also
      airbrushed on T-shirts for about three years. I learned about
      marbling in 1993. I thought that it was the most beautiful art that I
      had ever seen. I couldn't figure out how it was done. I bought a book
      called Marbling by Carol Taylor. In 1994, I bought a 25 lb bag of
      methyl-cel, acrylic paints, and T-shirts from Dharma, had my husband
      build a tray (5'X4'X3"), and followed the directions to a "T"...
      Talk about disappointment! I read everything at least five times, and
      followed the directions. I even called Dharma and discussed marbling
      with the person on the phone. Anyhow, the results I got looked
      nothing like what I saw in the books I had bought. I became
      frustrated and put everything away in my basement. I recently became
      interested again and got everything out to try it again. The results
      are the same...disappointing. I soak T-shirts in alum for 20 - 30
      minutes. I dry them in the dryer. I use 1/4 cup alum to 1 gallon
      water and 3 Tbls. Methyl Cel + 1 tsp. ammonia to each gallon water.
      The paint (Jaquard Super Opaque Marbling Colors) turns to little
      boogers and promptly sinks to the bottom of the size. I have thinned
      the paint (1 tsp paint to 1 tsp water, adding 1 tsp of water and
      testing until I had a whole CUP) and it STILL sinks!!! I made the
      size thicker, and made it thinner. NOTHING I have tried works! I have
      bought and read all of the books that were suggested to me. That's
      why I posted my urgent cry for help.

      > Check out the extensive archives from previous inquiries. It is
      full of good info.
      *I'm in the process of doing this.*

      > Also, on-line registration for the International Marblers'
      Gathering 2002 begins Feb. 21.
      *I can't go. I live too far, and don't have the money to go. If
      anyone knows of a marbling workshop closer to PA, let me know.*

      > Are using watercolor, acrylic or oils.
      *I have never tried watercolors. I have tried acrylic (DEKA, Jaquard,
      Createx,) and oil paints (This does NOT work on fabric!!!).*

      >What are you using as a thickener for the bath/size?
      *Methyl Cel*

      > Are you printing on paper or fabric?
      *I never tried paper. I am wasting a lot of money on T-shirts that
      turn out to be very colorful looking rags!!!*

      I recently bought some silk scarves from Dharma...I hope you all can
      help me!!!

      > --- enigmaticmatrix <Weshabak@a...> wrote:
      > > I just joined this group, I didn't know anyone else
      > > in the world knew
      > > about marbling!!! I have been TRYING
      > > (unsuccessfully) to marble
      > > since 1994!!! I noticed that there have been no
      > > posts since 2-15.
      > > Are you guys still here? I have a gazillion
      > > questions! Write back!
      > > Donna
      > >
      > >
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