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  • oğuzhan tuğrul
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      Subject: Fw: Ebristan publication

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      Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 10:15 PM
      Subject: Ebristan publication

      The dream of water : EBRU       the living tradition
      a book on traditional Turkish marbling   by   Hikmet Barutcugil
      The book starts with Ms.Annemarie Schimmel's prayer :GOD SAVE MARBLERS !
      Long due,Hikmet has prepared a good source,photos-marbleously taken by Mr.Aras Neftci,and graphic designer Mr.Osman Kehri's presence is also felt through this quarry of Traditional Turkish Marbling -Ebru.
      Marblers who want to make Turkish floral designs are shown how to make them,traditional marble designs are suitably explained.Solutions to problems are in abundance.
      If in such a good book,lack of bibliography does not mean much to you
      this could be a new years treat for your  mine of books,
      THIS COMING       HAPPY NEW YEAR  IN  2002
                               and  BE IN GOOD HEALTH ;
                                        OZ -ARTISTAnBUL
      post scriptum:
      Special thanks to friends who donated for the Urumchi Old Artifacts Museum's new Marbled paper collection through our dear friend Mr.Tom Leech.
      There is still time for participation as I will be going with Hikmet and Jane Farmer to Xinjiang in April 2002 to hand over the marbled custody to the local government officials in Urumchi.
      A commemorative book-let will be published with mention of donators.(send your CV's to me please)
      mailing address:  Oguzhan  Tugrul
                                Yenidogan Mahallesi   45/7 sokak  TIM ishanı  no:2 D-13
                                 Zeytinburnu  Istanbul 34760 Turkey
      e mail :  uygur13@...    
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