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  • Gail MacKenzie
    Good Morning Enid, Thanks for the informative response. My J5M mixes the best, the colder I can get the water, which is no problem for me. Even in the heat
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 9, 2001
      Re: [Marbling] methocel/ammonia/IMG Good Morning Enid,

      Thanks for the informative response.  My J5M mixes the best, the colder I can get the water, which is no problem for me.  Even in the heat of summer.  My water comes from a spring.  A few years ago, it was certified pure and clean enough to be sold as bottled water.  We never did.  But, maybe that is why I can run a tray down to sludge and it still has not spoiled. 10-15 days it will sit if I am away and return home and use it.  So, There must be something to the water...is your tray small enough that you can use bottled distilled water??  It really shouldn't spoil that quickly.
      I'm really looking forward to the conference!!

      Best wishes, Gail

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      Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 16:14:55 -0000
      To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Marbling] methocel/ammonia/IMG

      Gail, thanks for the info on your type of methocel, Dow J5M.  Is it
      from Colorcraft/Createx?  I was finally able to get the MSDS for Pro
      Chem's type which is Dow J12M S. I don't know how they are different,
      but suggested mix for J12M S is 3.5 TB powder to 1 gal room temp
      water.  It definitely behaves better between 60-70 degrees, as far as
      intense colors.  It spoils rather quickly in summer temperatures,
      losing its viscosity and making colors spread too much or sink.  Using
      icepacks and adding double thick can sometimes extend the working

      I realize some of my earlier problems may have been from refilling the
      Pro Chem ammonia bottle with a generic store brand which was labeled
      clear but may have some impurities in it.  Does anyone have a reliable
      grocery store brand that always works?

      I also realized I had hairline cracks in the finish on my trays which
      may have allowed contamination so have just resurfaced them all with

      I hope to attend the gathering, and hope to meet many kindred spirits.
      Best regards,

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