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Marbling Classes with Regina & Dan St. John

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    The School of Bookbinding Arts in Winchester, Virginia presents Marbling & Creative Bookbinding Week — June 3-8, 2013 Featuring Guest Artists Regina & Dan
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      The School of Bookbinding Arts in Winchester, Virginia presents

      Marbling & Creative Bookbinding Week — June 3-8, 2013

      Featuring Guest Artists Regina & Dan St. John
      of Chena River Studios, Amherst, Mass.

      Come for the week or choose your favorite class!

      This endlessly beautiful art is taught by master marblers Regina and Dan St. John of Chena River Studios. The St. Johns will share their decades of experience as they teach you to create the same exquisite marbled paper designs they do--marbling that they show and teach around the country and the world.

      Beginning Paper Marbling June 3-4, 2013
      You will learn many traditional combed patterns plus the time-honored stone pattern. Everyone may reasonably expect to create 25-35 papers. This course includes numerous extras such as instruction in edge marbling of book pages and marbling on materials other than paper, such as leather or wood.

      $275 + $45 materials fee............Instructors: Regina & Dan St. John

      The Art of Fabric Marbling June 6-7, 2013
      In this course, students will learn to prepare the paints, bath, and fabrics in order to produce beautiful marbled fabrics. During the busy two-day workshop, marblers will learn to work successfully with small and large pieces of fabric, to anticipate typical fabric marbling snafus, and to set up an inexpensive fabric marbling tank at home. Both experienced and inexperienced marblers are welcome, and, while it is not necessary to have taken the Beginning Paper Marbling course, those who do will absolutely benefit from having the experience. All students will return home with amazing wearable, frame-able, or quiltable marbled fabrics that are themselves works of art.
      Students may bring their own fabrics, but special preparation to these fabrics is necessary well ahead of the time they are needed in order for them to accept marbling. The information and guidelines for doing these preparations is available upon request.

      $275 + $50 materials fee...........Instructors: Regina & Dan St. John

      [The $50 studio fee will provide each student with the pigments used within the workshop as well as one scarf and some smaller fabric pieces (all of cotton). Students may also purchase prepared fabrics during class to marble, including the more challenging and exciting silks.]

      Album Construction: Creation & Craftsmanship June 8, 2013
      Album and scrapbook structures occupy a special and venerable place in Western bookbinding. These functional and aesthetically pleasing structures came into their own during the 19th century as vehicles for the protection and display of precious family photos as well as all manner of collectables and memorabilia. Join us in exploring the decorative artistry and genius of our bookbinder ancestors while creating a wonderful range of modern adaptations of this form. The knowledge and skills gained in this course will allow the student to create several beautiful and functional albums. In addition, the course includes a host of host of tips, techniques, and resources to begin a lifetime of design and creative exploration of albums and scrapbooks

      $175 + $30 materials...Instructors: Dan St. John, Jill Deiss, Susan McCabe

      Register and find more information at www.cattailrun.com/workshops.html
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