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Re: [Marbling] Re: New member who is new to marbling

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  • irisnevins
    I use the cheap crappy Folk Craft or Ceram Coat it works like a charm...BUT you have to figure out a good red, yellow, blue, black, white from their many
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      I use the cheap crappy Folk Craft or Ceram Coat it works like a charm...BUT you have to figure out a good red, yellow, blue, black, white from their many colors, that works and mix from them. I can't give names etc. because I rarely use acrylics, and I won't remember. Plus, manufacturers change formulas all the time, or different lots work a little differently, so you have to experiment a little each time. Using fewer colors and mixing also narrows down the problem solving if you do have a problem, you just have to pick the offending one from five rather than 15. My scarves stay soft, and I never bother to wash out sizing before aluming, or use odd chemicals or treatments. I don't use a dryer to heat set, just the ironing process to get the wrinkles out. I use carrageenan....like the result much better than MC, and besides the size is so muddy looking at the end with either size, I wouldn't want to save it anyway. Try to keep it simple, use as many short cuts as possible. I am self taught so no one ever told me things like hard water won't work, so it works for me fine, or you need all these washings and chemical treatment, so it works without for me, LOL! I just never knew you "had to" do all these things, but it worked just fine anyway.

      Happy New Year to all!
      Iris Nevins

      On 01/01/13, Deluwiel<deluwiel1209@...> wrote:

      have been using Golden with the GAC additive for heat setting, then dilution with distilled water. I get good color intensity and they float well; however, I don't like the fact that it does affect the 'hand' of the fabric. I found these new colors at Dharma Trading: http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/7060419-AA.shtml?lnav=paints.html and I'm going to try them. Will follow up with how they work. My concern is opacity - is it going to be a trade-off - Will these maintain silk softness and sheen at the expense of bright colors? We'll see...

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, George Reynolds <georger1998@...> wrote:
      > Hello Karen
      > The formula I use which works very well for me is Liquitex heavy body acrylic with Golden medium about 60/40. I use the liquid medium and then add water to make it the consistency of whole milk. Golden also makes a Fabric Medium which I'm going to try very soon in hopes of making silk scarves more silky but the basic one works well. I tried the Liquitex medium but that simply didn't work as well and it's possible I simply did not find the right ratio. Also I know people who use Photo Flo with great results but possibly someone else could speak to that. BTW I just use tap water.
      > George
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