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  • irisnevins
    Thanks Yehuda.... I am known as the world s worst photographer, so keeping that in mind. Yes in retrospect it was too close. You worry about losing detail. I
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 10, 2011
      Thanks Yehuda.... I am known as the world's worst photographer, so keeping that in mind. Yes in retrospect it was too close. You worry about losing detail. I need to figure the editing thing out too a bit better, or need a better program that the Windows Movie Maker. It is fun.

      Yes, times where I don't like a pattern I lay down a whole sheet of newspaper, and it does take lots of size with it. I find it easier to lay the paper, and if you want to pick up the excess paint around it, use newspaper strips. And they wonder why I don't recycle newspapers. My township actually once sent a letter saying I would get a fine if I don't do it!!!! I sent a pretty strong letter. The ones I don't use for marbling, I use for starter in my woodstove. I asked if it is illegal to use them that way too, and they said it may be in the future! And I live in the middle of nowhere! What seems to be the real issue... the township makes money by picking up and selling our recycling. The more they get, the more they make. That's another non-marbling issue!

      And by the way my eyes dried nicely. I am forever fine tuning it all. It was fun doing the videos, I'll get more up in a bit. I did also use Photo flo the other day. I'd use it if I had to, but you wait forever for it to expand with watercolor. Guess I work like a speed demon. Will try some other dispersants down the line.
      Iris Nevins

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      Iris - Great videos and yes you should put up some more. Move the camera
      back a tiny bit if you can.

      John - I didn't see an answer about the size and type of the napkin. I don't
      understand what napkin means in this context - I only know the ones that
      come with meals. Don't you lose a lot of size by dropping something on the
      entire surface?

      Paper - My favourite is from Zerkall Renker in Germany. In the US it's
      called Nidiggan and is twice the size I get from Germany where it's called
      Antique Veined, wavy laid or some such. It's pricey but I love it. It also
      has a nice light brown colour that goes well with the old papers I deal with
      in binding.

      Colours - The colours that I liked best were those sold by Cockerel years
      ago but they are long gone. I found a set that my neighbour bought a long
      time ago and they are completely dried up. I put some water into one and put
      it into my ultrasonic cleaner and it came back to life. I am going to try it
      with some others that I have.

      Yehuda Miklaf


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