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Re: [Marbling] Schroetel/Schrottel pattern:

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  • irisnevins
    Thanks For this!! Totally logical! Iris Nevins www.marblingpaper.com ... From: Krause Intaglio To:
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 16, 2011
      Thanks For this!! Totally logical!
      Iris Nevins
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      This goes by memory, as I moved shop and my archive is boxed up, I
      have marbled for the last 35 years,(french and german trained (duval)
      usually correct 15 ct. patterns as that is what i need for my own work
      The correct name in german is scrotel, you lay down a 3 color
      range and than add a 4th color with enough oxgall added to reduce the
      first 3 to veins, lastly, you just sprinkle a dark pigment with just
      enough oxgall so it works, but it can't expand, it has to stay as dots.

      Krause Intaglio
      Printmaking and Letterpress in the digital Age

      On Nov 16, 2011, at 8:35 AM, Mary Shilman wrote:

      > Perhaps someone has a contact for Mr. Miura and you could ask him
      > directly?
      > Mary
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      > Subject: [Marbling] Schroetel/Schrottel pattern:
      > Dear marblers:
      > I have heard about this rather curious pattern called the Schrottel.
      > There is very little info about how it is made. The only souurce is
      > muria, who provides instructions about throwing on a mix of gall &
      > oil .
      > I have a few questions about this:
      > I)what sort of oil is used?
      > II) if so,how much oil is used?
      > Any information/advice greatly appreceated
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