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    Thank you Iris. ... From: Marbling@yahoogroups.com on behalf of irisnevins Sent: Tue 6/21/2011 7:13 PM To: Marbling Group Subject: [Marbling] Eva Van Bruegel
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      Thank you Iris.

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      Hello Marblers, I am posting this obituary below, which came via Judy Houghteling and Marjorie Bevis.

      Eva will be missed, she was one of the major names in the marbling revival.

      Iris Nevins



      Eva Van Breugel August 2, 1942 - June 18, 2011

      Eva Van Breugal, distinguished paper marbler and bookbinder from Dreibergen, The Netherlands, has died. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about two months ago when the cancer had advanced so far as to make treatment useless. Her last weeks were spent in the care of her children who gave her comfort and much pleasure. She was able to die at a time of her own choosing.

      Eva was born in Indonesia, the daughter of a teacher and a Dutch Shell attorney. She spent part of her young, formative years with her mother and two brothers in a Japanese internment camp. Her father was also interned in a men's camp.

      After World War II, the family returned to The Netherlands.

      Eva was educated in Paris where her father worked at NATO. She attended university in Leiden, The Netherlands, graduating as an attorney. For a time she worked for a government agency, then married and produced two children. During this period she learned bookbinding, then took up the art of marbling paper.

      At this time, paper marbling was a closely guarded secret, and no complete instructions had been published. Eva researched, found clues here and there, consulted other marblers and experimented with her own methods. She mastered the art and became known for her beautiful patterns and the consistency of her output. She exhibited and sold her papers throughout Europe, showing regularly in Paris, and in the United States, notably at the annual Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Seminars. Several of her papers were exhibited at the International Marblers' Gathering in Istanbul, Turkey in 1997.

      Her "Dragonskin" marbling was exhibited in 1997 at the Yildiz Sarayi in Istanbul, Turkey and in the 29th Hand Bookbinders of California Annual Members Exhibit in 2001, in San Francisco.

      Eva gave up the practice of marbling in the early 2000s, and collected her diaries and recipes (which she translated into English), and paper samples into seven books which she bound herself. She had also amassed a remarkable collection of her own marbled papers and those of other marblers. The Books Museum in Leipzig has purchased the collection where it will be available to scholars and others in perpetuity.

      She is survived by her son, Seino, a linguist who lives and teaches in Thailand, and a daughter, Claartja, who lives in Berlin.

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