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Re: [Marbling] Re: Paper in Turkey, last input from Hamburg

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    Thanks for checking Susanne! Iris Nevins www.marblingpaper.com ... From:
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      Thanks for checking Susanne!
      Iris Nevins
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      I can only second this: never use recycled paper for quality work.

      And also this: For reconstruction work, we need to reconstruct an impression, and we need to do this with materials answering to state-of-the-art archival and restoration requirements. It is most interesting to know what was used for the original and definitely very important for restoration/conservation and research. However, it is not what counts in reconstruction. Everything we can use today is 200 or 300 years older than the original. Even if we go and dig coloured earth in the same place, the earth cannot be the same. I'm afraid it's wishful thinking that by the simple method of using something with the same label we can get closer to the original.

      As to paper: all my papers are made in Europe. I phoned around but none of my suppliers has a branch in the Americas. Sending paper overseas is always possible (and they're ready to do it if required) but costs a small fortune.

      Susanne Krause


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