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  • Sandro Fergnani
    Pretty good link !! I didnt know about it. Thanks for sharing. That said, I don t know if some printshop is interested in apprentices but this is an easy to
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 9, 2010
      Pretty good link !! I didnt' know about it. Thanks for sharing. That said, I don't know if some printshop is interested in apprentices but this is an easy to solve problem : we could ask them. But it depends on what are your ultimate goal. If you want to learn marbling tecniques I think that US or England is a better choice. Moving to a foreign country is always difficult expecially if you have to learn another language and do not over evaluate the prestige you could get if you then tell your customers that you learn the tecnique in Italy (or somewhere else...). another issue is that the current economic situation in Europe in general and in Italy in particular is not easy. This means that there is a lot of unemploeyd people looking for any kind of job. This makes any opportunity to be hired very difficult. The best result you could achieve is to get the job without being paid. (this was the old way apprentices used to be treated in the past). This is no longer acceptable and, among the other things is illegal. :-)

      Obviouslly if want to visit another country for you personal growth and in the same time learning something that could be useful for your future life... this is another issue. You could take a course in marbling and if this is will be your final choice I know that Alberto Valese has regular courses in marbling. He's based in Venice and not in Florence. This is his site http://www.albertovalese-ebru.it ( I mentioned this in my answer to Christine)

      I don't want to discourage you obviously. I whish you all the best !!


      PS: Ignore my english errors, my Italian is better.

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      Ciao Sandro,

      I just recently learned about Il Papiro of Florence. Since you seem to be familiar with the Florence marbling scene, I was wondering what you think of this company:


      Also, I'm wondering if you think any of those marbling printshops would be open to taking in apprentices/interns. I have a background in printmaking (woodcut, etching, screenprinting) and art history. So, I'm very interested in learning marbling (and wouldn't mind working as free labor!) in an active printshop in such a rich artistic environment as Florence. (Though I'd also be open to other locations throughout Europe, the Middle East, the US, etc.) Do you happen to have any ideas or suggestions for me?


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      > Hi and greetings from Italy. In Venice have a look at this : http://www.albertovalese-ebru.it
      > When in Florence may be it worth a visit here : http://www.carteetc.it
      > or here http://www.artedellecarte.com
      > or here... http://www.abacus-bookbinding-legatoria.it
      > or here http://www.firenze-oltrarno.net/omero/italiano/
      > http://www.marbledarts.com this is not in Florence but in the Chianti alley which is pretty close ! A lot of good wine there ! (beside marbled paper..)
      > Have a nice trip. Remember : Venice is one of the most expensive cities in Italy. A lot of made in china junk is sold there. Be careful.
      > Ciao !!
      > Sandro
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      > Subject: [Marbling] Marbling in Italy
      > Greetings from Rochester, NY.
      > I will visit Italy this coming March and understand that both Florence and Venice are home to amazing producers of both paper and silk marbled product. Does anyone have any recommendations of people or places I should visit?
      > Christine
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