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  • irisnevins
    Thanks Aaron, I spoke to Jake yesterday and look forward to trying it out. I am hopeful!! From what I was told the Blick was lignin free however, but who
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      Thanks Aaron, I spoke to Jake yesterday and look forward to trying it out. I am hopeful!! From what I was told the Blick was lignin free however, but who knows!
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      I know many marblers have had difficulty in recent years due to the increase in buffering agents used in commercial papers.

      About a month ago a customer of ours, James Tapley, asked me if we had anything new for marbling. What came to mind was a paper we just brought in for a completely unrelated application. The paper is our Unbuffered Bond Paper. The paper was originally purposed as an interleaving and envelope paper for archival purposes. It is an 80lb text, ph neutral, 25% cotton paper of high quality, free of any buffering agents.

      However the fact that it is an unbuffered sheet brought it immediately to mind, and I asked james to give it a try. Here's what James had to say:

      Hello Aaron!
      I wanted to let you know that the bond marbles beautifully. Sheets can be alumed (the standard one level tbsp per cup water), allowed to dry, and they flatten perfectly for use later. The surface is just the right amount of smooth, not too toothy (which disrupts fine
      lines) and not to hard and shiny, just right. I'm putting a finished sheet in the mail so you can judge for yourself but you should have no fear in recommending it. My only suggestion would be that you specify grain direction for each of the sheet sizes you offer.
      There is a cheaper sulphite drawing paper that Dick Blick offers (Iris Nevins uses it) but it is not near so nice as the bond's surface or wet strength. And while Light Impressions offers the bond at a slightly lower price they don't maintain a stock and customer service is pretty bad.
      So thanks, I'll be ordering some more from you. I prefer a 20" x 26"
      sheet but the offcuts will always come in handy.
      Hope its a grand holiday weekend for you.

      You can find this product on our website here:

      It is not hard to believe that the paper from Dick Blick turned to one that contains a buffering agent. This is because paper manufacturers are all loading up their papers with calcium carbonate and other additives because it is cheaper than actual pulp. It also makes it "acid-free" so they can market it to a wider audience. However I would certainly question the quality of such paper, as it is not a lignin-free product, with what are most likely poor aging charactoristics.

      Our Unbuffered Bond Paper is certainly more expensive than Dick Blick's sulphite, but it's of a very different level of quality and permanence. It is made to meet Library of Congress specs, and since we are having this made in relatively small quantities it is expensive to do so. Keep in mind that *small* almost insignificant quantities for a paper mill start at 20,000 lbs of paper. That's about 40 pallets of paper, or 200,000 - 32"x40" sheets.

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