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  • Sue Cole
    This is a new site created by Jonathan Talbot; he s trying to cover the world, and it s free for the first year. I ve signed up, and you all may want to.....
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      This is a new site created by Jonathan Talbot; he's trying to cover the
      world, and it's free for the first year. I've signed up, and you all may
      want to.....


      Thank you for being part of www.TheArtsMap.com <http://www.theartsmap.com/>

      Our intention is to make www.theartsmap.com into a viable resource which
      will create new connections among artists, audiences, and the community.

      The usefulness of www.TheArtsMap.com <http://www.theartsmap.com/> will
      increase as more artists, galleries, museums, arts venues, arts
      organizations, and other arts related institutions create markers. With that
      in mind, we are asking you who have already chosen to participate to help us
      get the word out.

      Would you please add your name to the bottom of the message below and
      forward it (delete this preface first) to as many of your contacts as you
      think could benefit from having a presence on the map. Please feel free to
      edit the letter in any way that you choose.

      Thank you.


      Robin & Jonathan
      www.TheArtsMap.com <http://www.theartsmap.com/>



      I am writing to tell you about
      www.TheArtsMap.com<http://www.theartsmap.com/>a new website created by
      artists Jonathan Talbot and Robin Colodzin.

      www.TheArtsMap.com <http://www.theartsmap.com/> is an interactive worldwide
      map of artists, studios, arts organizations, museums, and more. The Arts Map
      allows users to search by medium, location, educational opportunities, type
      of organization, etc.

      Clickable map markers on www.TheArtsMap.com
      <http://www.theartsmap.com/>provide detailed information about
      artists, their work, their studios, art
      galleries, museums, art schools, and arts organizations. Most markers also
      contain an image and a link to a website or blog.

      Map markers on www.TheArtsMap.com <http://www.theartsmap.com/> are
      user-generated. It takes just a few minutes to input information about your
      artwork or organization and upload an image.

      During the website's start-up phase, 12-month listings on
      www.TheArtsMap.com <http://www.theartsmap.com/> are free and completely
      without obligation. No billing information will be collected. This is a
      limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time so if you want to take
      advantage of this opportunity it is a good idea to create your listing now.

      You are invited to visit www.theartsmap.com and see how it works. To create
      your map marker, click on "create account."

      In order to receive your free 12-month listing you will need a "checkout
      Please use the checkout code: FYFJAN

      I have already created a marker on The Arts Map. I hope you will join me. I
      also hope you will pass along this information (including the checkout code)
      to as many folks as possible so that www.theartsmap.com can realize its

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