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Re: [Marbling] Re: Classic Turkish Arts, English on the web, a suggestion, and some info

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  • irisnevins
    Colophon Trays are super, durable, the right size, have a spillover compartment, a fitted rinse board and a skimmer board, for about $85.00 plus shipping. I
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      Colophon Trays are super, durable, the right size, have a spillover compartment, a fitted rinse board and a skimmer board, for about $85.00 plus shipping. I carry them in NJ, and so does Colophon Book Arts in WA. It's a one time expense and holds easily a 19X25 sheet. Maybe a bit larger.
      They will last forever if taken care of. I have some 20+ years old, except for some staining they are perfect still.

      Iris Nevins

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      I think I'll check with the local feed store here and see if they have those trays for rabbits. I would never have thought of that.

      What I use a lot are clear photo box frames from Michaels Craft Store framing depart - they are clear plastic and about 1" to 1 1/2" deep so are perfect for trays. Their only drawback is the largest size available is 16 x 20". Otherwise, I have been making them from wood trim and 6 ml visqueen (clear heavy plastic) for the lining.

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      > > On Dec 6, 2009, at 9:58 AM, Glenda Kirkiridis wrote:
      > > > It doesn't matter to me what the language is or whether the website is particularly well drafted or not, just as long as the photos are good.
      > > >
      > Hello all,
      > I agree with Glenda. In addition to marbling, I do origami and have found sites in Japanese very useful. Moreover, I feel that the tone of the message objecting to the site not being in English was inappropriate for this list. I've been a lurker since joining the list, but I've been impressed by the helpfulness and courtesy of the members. And I know from other lists how destructive "flaming" can be to an online community.
      > I really do not want to offend anyone, but I also feel that I have to say that I cringe when I read remarks that seem to reflect American arrogance -- particularly when that arrogance is aimed at the Muslim world. People throughout the world have paid a high price because for eight years our government was run by an administration that was unwilling to be tolerant and learn about other countries and cultures. In America, we need to be listening to our better angels as much as possible these days.
      > Moving on to a suggestion, it struck me that while the web site is very well designed, if the store wants to extend its sales worldwide, they might try getting a shop on Ebay, and having someone help them with getting the listings in English. They could use the Turkish Ebay site, and have the listings show up in response to searches on Ebay sites in other countries. PayPal makes it very easy for customers make payments internationally. (It's better than credit cards, because you do not have to pay a fee for a foreign transaction.) I've been buying quite a few things from Asia this year (including zuan paper for suminagashi)and it's worked out well, even when I had to correspond with some sellers whose English is pretty minimal. Maybe you could contact them with the suggestion, Oz?
      > On an entirely different subject, I recently discovered (by way of a photographers e-list) a great source for large, inexpensive marbling pans. It is Klubertanz Equipment Co. which makes supplies for rabbit breeders. Their web site is WWW.Klubertanz.com<http://www.klubertanz.com/>. The trays they sell are meant to be used under hutches and come in plastic and galvanized steel. They make trays to order if they do not have the size you want. One tray I got recently is 24" square and sells for $17.40 with very reasonable UPS shipping charges. It is as well made as any photographic developing tray I have and the cost would have been MUCH more from a photo supply store. The quote they gave me for a custom-made pan was also great. It helps to call them with questions and to get their expertize on which pans are best for your purposes.
      > Best Regards,
      > Sally


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