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Re: [Marbling] Marbling on Fabric

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  • irisnevins
    No it leaves it soft. ... From: marines bengoa To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday,
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      No it leaves it soft.
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      Hi Iris, Thank you for being so helpful.

      Does ceram coat changes the feel of the fabric. This is my eternal concern!!!


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      I get good red with cheap old ceram coat. Have not done it in a good while, and there are a few reds to try, I don't remember which, but at $1.00 or so try all!

      Iris Nevins
      www.marblingpaper<http://www.marblingpaper/>. com<http://www.marbling<http://www.marbling/> paper.com/>

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      Subject: [Marbling] Marbling on Fabric

      I, too, haven't had much luck with red. Although it is not my favorite color, reds do seem to sell well (I only marbled silk scarves). I solved the problem by buying blank scarves in numerous colors (red, included) and then marbled using black, grey, and white and also whatever color the scarf blank was as my marbling colors. The results were vivid as the colored silk background served to emphasize the pattern. I marbled with acrylics and only on silk, satin, or taffeta. When marbling on cotton the colors just went "blah..." and faded. I was told by a textile artist that cotten absorbs the color while the silk reflects it.

      I have 3 books on marbling on fabric and just checked out Amazon and they are all available used for a reasonable price:
      Marbling Techniques: How to Create Traditional & Contemporary Designs on Paper & Fabric by Wendy Addison Medeiros
      Marbling Paper & Fabric by Carol Taylor
      Marbling on Fabric by Daniel & Paula Cohen

      There was another title (which I don't own) which looked promising:
      Creative Marbling on Fabric by Judy Simmons

      In looking through my 3 books, all used acrylics as the paint medium.

      Hope this information helps,

      d. guffey

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