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Re: [Marbling] getting rid of blank areas between colors

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  • Ellen Tresselt
    Thank you, Iris for your response. I agree, acrylics do leave less white veining, but as you say, there is ALWAYS some. It is very hard for me to conceive
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      Thank you, Iris for your response. I agree, acrylics do leave less
      white veining, but as you say, there is ALWAYS some. It is very
      hard for me to conceive of having none, but somehow Moth Marblers DO
      achieve this -- and you can see they are marbling on off-white
      paper. I wonder if anyone knows their secret? I did receive an
      excellent suggestion from Caryl Hancock she learned from Milena
      Hughes, to start by dropping the ground color first in one corner of
      the tank, putting successive drops inside the first until it has
      spread to cover the entire tray and then throwing down the other
      colors on top of it. I have always used whisk type brushes and have
      not perfected my technique to marble with eyedroppers, but I can
      always learn. And I think she just meant that you put down the just
      first color with a dropper. Will be marbling this weekend and plan
      to try it.


      On Sep 9, 2009, at 1:50 PM, irisnevins wrote:

      > Hi.... don't worry you are not the only one! I find acrylics in
      > general leave less white veining than gouache, watercolor etc. I
      > will advise only on water base colors on carrageenan, I don't use
      > other things... you can use a lot more ox gall to counteract this,
      > then you of course need to adjust the other colors with more gall.
      > it's been the only answer I ever found. I never promise anyone no
      > white veins, it's nearly impossible to have no white showing. Use a
      > colored paper if they don't want any white. I ALWAYS tell people
      > the paper color shows through.
      > Iris Nevins
      > www.marblingpaper.com<http://www.marblingpaper.com/>
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      > Subject: [Marbling] getting rid of blank areas between colors
      > Hello Everyone --
      > I don't think this question has ever been addressed. When marbling,
      > what causes and how do you get rid of, the small blank areas that
      > happen in between the colors? I do not mean jagged patches. What
      > I'm referring to is the areas that if you are, for example, doing a
      > stone pattern become like a vein in the pattern so that if you're
      > marbling on a white sheet of paper, it looks as if you threw down
      > white when you actually did not.
      > Many years ago, I took a class with Sandra Holzman, doing an entirely
      > different kind of marbling, but the same thing would happen between
      > the colors in the tray. She referred to it as "waxy buildup" and
      > showed us how you can use newspaper to pick it up and greatly shrink
      > the size of those patches, but we could never eliminate it entirely.
      > If anyone is familiar with Moth Marblers, they marble on a white
      > sheet of paper, but there are NO white areas whatsoever in their
      > marbling. The colors completely fill the surface.
      > Currently I am marbling with Golden Fluid Acrylics on methyl cell,
      > but in the past I have used Windsor Newton Opaque Gouache on
      > carrageenan and have always had this problem. Aside from the blank
      > areas, my marbling is working well in other respects. But I get
      > orders from clients who want NO white showing on the paper and I
      > really need to address this.
      > I may have to be offline for awhile, so if there are answers I will
      > not be able to respond right away, but I would greatly appreciate
      > any advice about this.
      > Thank you very much,
      > Nelle Tresselt
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