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Re: "The Dream of Water" by Bingul Sevimli

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  • Oguzhan
    Dear Ms.Bingul, I APOLOGIZE . Since 2001 The Dream of Water as a book title and ebru book is in the market and beside Hikmet s book I have brought Fuat
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      Dear Ms.Bingul,


      Since 2001 The Dream of Water as a book title and ebru book is in the market and beside Hikmet's book I have brought Fuat Baser,Sinan Gozen,Fuat Turkmenoglu's publications on Ebru every year to Turkish festivals in the USA to help promote Ebru to North American audience.

      I have travelled with Hikmet and other ebru artists to the USA to serve the same purpose.

      Although ,may be, it is not monopolized,the title makes me think of Hikmet right away since it was his idea and I have been promoting the book.

      Your work was not criticised !
      Only the title of the exhibition ,because it was used and
      it has its own shadow .

      If you feel comfortable with repeating a used title to crown your exhibition of creative works publicly,
      you are to receive compliments,flattery,congratulations,
      and some critics.

      I gave the link so people can find out about you,your name and your work,and be the judge themselves in appreciating your ideas and contribution to Ebru,from the interview and pictures of your work

      on the other hand since many members know (of) Hikmet and his works,
      I allowed myself an insider (among the group) critics (opinion) only on the already known title.(not your work )

      I am upset with the outcome of 2 year long preparation of an Ebru exhibition that is still sitting in the building where you had your exhibition which belongs to another honourable member of the Ebru community whose works we still think are worthy of attention
      and admiration in the name of promoting this noble art form.

      This is not referred to you but those in whose custody the
      Ibrahim Yigit ebru exhibition is,which coincidentially happens to be in the same building where yours was.


      and from the group.


      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, bingul sevimli <bingulsevimli@...> wrote:
      > Hi to everyone,
      > The exhibition that I opened between February 17 and March 20, I was very proud of the interest I got from eveyone. I can't understand why it bothered some people of me using the title "The Dream of Water". I am an art teacher and an artist. If you had come to visit my exhibition you would have seen the creativity that I did. Also, because I took Mr. Hikmet as an example to myself, I used the title by getting permission from him. I don't know who you are, but I can't understand why you were bothered a lot about this. I don't want to think negative about you. But why did you see the reason to put other people's name into your discussion? I don't know who Ibrahim Yigit is and last year at Central Park, I was there as the ebru artist. I was there the whole day showing ebru to people around there and explaining our art. You gave the link of "turkishny" for my article, but mentioning me as a " Turkish Lady". I want to know why you said that
      > and not putting my name on there even though you read my article and to let you know my name is Bingul Sevimli. You are talking about the philosophy of Ebru, but your thoughts and the things you wrote here don't go together.  If you have any questions about me, you can email me on bingulsevimli@... or info@...  

      > Bingul Sevimli
      > Art Teacher & Ebru Artist

      > When I read the title of the exhibition in Turkish News in New York,
      > I thought it must be Hikmet because
      > he has an Ebru book with the same title,
      > but it turned out to be a Turkish lady who lives in the states.
      > May be I have higher expectations from artists ,
      > cause I kind of felt betrayed and misled
      > from an already used title for the same art form.
      > Usually the creativity of artists
      > are not limited to their metier only,
      > but also (wise)choice of words to highlight their work.

      > What bugs me though ,is ,last year I schlepped a wonderful ebru collection by contemporary (architect) ebru artist Ibrahim Yigit
      > for the Turkish Festival in Central Park but being windy ,
      > I decided to leave the exhibition in custody of Turkish consulate
      > in the same building (3rd floor) to be exhibited when the time and opportunity came by.(BUT THE BELL TOLLED OTHERWISE)

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