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Sufism -Uzbek dervish lodge-Ebru

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  • Oguzhan
    excerpted from Dream of Water Ebru -the living tradition page 36 (Hikmet Barutcugil s book) : The art of marbling,as like many other Islamic arts,developed
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      excerpted from 'Dream of Water Ebru -the living tradition'

      page 36 (Hikmet Barutcugil's book) :

      The art of marbling,as like many other Islamic arts,developed in dervish lodges. The 'Ozbekler Tekkesi' is one of the Ottoman dervish lodges that has survived until our day and played an important role in the art of marbling and its continuation in our days.....

      As to calling a marbler 'Ebrucu' or 'Ebruzen' ;

      couple of years ago I was attending the 1st Symposium on Turkish Book Arts,Prof.Ugur Derman was moderating the event and Alpaslan Babaoglu
      was one of the presenters .(Dr.Irvin Cemil Schick also presented what everybody else thought was the best lecture on Turkish Islamic calligraphy).

      After the symposium ,the question was asked as to what the proper word would or should be to call a Turkish marbler ,the moderator is a well known authority in the art and history of Turkish Ebru,
      and presenter Alpaslan Babaoglu ,a well known marbler;
      they both announced (publicly) that Ebrucu would be the correct choice.

      Of course it does not or may not matter ,as Feridun says,

      some words have survived in Turkish language with Arabic or Persian suffixes,when it comes to marbling the artwork reflect the person
      more than what one calls oneself.

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