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Re: Agate papers

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  • Erik Haagensen
    Susanne Krause is not able to post replies to the group - so I promised her to post her answer to my message. ... Hi Erik, Yahoo says they cannot accept my
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 2008
      Susanne Krause is not able to post replies to the group - so I promised
      her to post her answer to my message.

      Here it is:

      Hi Erik,

      Yahoo says they cannot accept my posting, why I do not know, but I
      thought you'd like an answer to your question nevertheless:

      Agate papers are a sub group of Sprinkled Papers. They are/were indeed
      made predominantly in an industrial or semi-industrial process. The
      technique is no secret: a sheet is brushed in the basic colour and
      immediately afterwards sprinkled, i.e. while the first colour is still
      wet; this accounts for the soft fringes around every sprinkle.

      To make full format sheets in predictable quality is quite another
      thing, though. The 'open' time is very short as all the sprinkles must
      land in the wet basic colour at more or less the same time.
      Predictably, the work has to be done at lightning speed. You need also
      to find the right tools, colourants and additives to make sure that all
      the sprinkles are of more or less the same size and form, dry quickly
      while keeping their shape and spread evenly. The room's climate has to
      be just so. The usually glazed surface was usually achieved in a
      mechanical process.

      So you see it's the perfect thing for (19th century) industrial
      production: quick, cheap, glossy. They are still produced and still on
      big sheets (70x100) of deplorable quality and still glossy and still
      abominably cheap at EUR 2,11 netto per sheet (as in the current
      catalogue of one of the big German bookbindind suppliers).
      For comparison: I'm hand making something like agate papers for
      restoration, meaning on certified base paper with pH neutral colourants
      and a protective brushing on top. Being no machine but a human paper
      decorator, to achieve the desired effects I have to go the long way and
      put the sheets to dry three times between steps. I'm selling at EUR
      9,40 netto per sheet in 50x70, and it is definitely not the sort I'm
      having the best gain with.

      As to nomenclature. Agate papers is the correct term. But as each
      producer wants their customers to come back they invented the most
      colourful trade names, so don't let yourself be deceived by another
      term for the same paper!

      Kind regards,


      Susanne Krause

      Wittenbergener Weg 32
      22559 Hamburg
      Telefon 0049-40-81 77 06
      Mail: studio@...
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