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Two Lectures on Paper Marbling History Offered in Texas.

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  • Jake Benson
    Announcing the following 2 slide lectures: The Early Development of Paper Marbling in the Middle East and Subsequent Evolution in Europe. Thursday, March 22nd,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2001
      Two Lectures on Paper Marbling History Offered in Texas. Announcing the following 2 slide lectures:

      The Early Development
      Paper Marbling in the Middle East
      Subsequent Evolution in Europe.

      Thursday, March 22nd, 4:30-6 p.m.
      Preservation Forum
      The University of Texas at Austin
      Sanchez Building Room 468
      The Graduate School of Library and Information Science
      Preservation/Conservation Studies Program

      The following URL gives a close-up of where the Sanchez Building (SZB) is
      located on campus (at the corner of MLK and Speedway).

      Parking for the colloquium can be found in the Whitis Ave/20th Street area.
      Please note that this is paid parking, persons on campus will most
      likely have other parking arrangements.  MLK runs east/west and
      Speedway runs north/ south.

      Other parking locations:

      1) There are 2 surface parking lots across from each other on south corner
      Whitis at 20th Street.

      2) Dobie Mall parking is on the north/west corner of Wichita/20th St. Entrance
      is on Wichita between 20th St. and 21st St.

      3) Also there is a surface lot on the southwest corner of Wichita and
      21st St. next to the Dobie
      Mall Garage.

      4) Another surface lot is on the northeast side of University Ave
      between 20th and 21st
      Streets and another on the north east
      corner of University Ave
      and MLK.  To get to this one turn onto University and go north up to
      20th St., make a
      U-turn and come back down the street to the entrance which is on
      University.  This street
      is divided by a grassy area into two streets: one going towards UT
      and the other
      going away towards MLK.

      The SZB Building is about 5 minutes walking distance from these parking lots.
      People will enter from the rear of the building (entrance on Wichita) and
      take the elevator which is on their left as they enter.  Go to the 4th floor;
      they will have exited the elevator on the east side of the building.
      To their immediate
      right is a large vestibule with an escalator,  to get to SZB 468 go
      to the opposite
      or west side of the vestibule and turn left or north.  SZB 468 will
      be the classroom on
      the immediate left (there are only two classrooms on that part of the

      Marbled Papers in the Islamic Manuscript Tradition
      Friday, March 23rd, 12:00 noon to 1:30pm
      Southern Methodist University
      Bridwell Library Bibliophiles Society
      6005 Bishop Blvd., Dallas, TX, 75275
      For more information call (214) 768-3483

      The following URL is a map of the SMU campus. The Bridwell Library is Number #21, and visitor parking areas are shown in gray.  http://www2.smu.edu/maps/campus.asp

      Some of the topics covered (the Bridwell lecture will be more limited in scope):

      The use of marbled paper by Masters of the Nasta'liq Persian script as a support for poetic compositions, known as Qita'.

      The role of marbling in the Islamic Scriptorium, called the Kitab-khana.  

      Applications of marbled paper in Islamic Albums, known as Muraqqa'.

      The marbling process as described in technical manuscripts from India and Turkey.

      Development of motifs and floral imagery.

      Stencil/ resist methods used in marbling from the Deccan Sultanate in India.

      Influence of Islamic techniques on early European methods.

      Early use of marbled papers in European Alba Amicora

      Overview of subsequent developments related to the European bookbinding trade till the 19th c

      The revival of the craft in modern Turkey.

      Then if there's time I'll demonstrate paper polishing using traditional methods (gelatin/albumin/alum/ beeswax) and a conservation approach (Methyl Cellulose and Microcrystalline wax).

      There is a possibility of a similar lecture being offered in New Orleans sometime the previous week, details to be announced....

      Jake Benson is a Bookbinder, Conservator, and Paper Marbler who has been researching the history of craft for nearly 10 years.  In 1992-3 he spent 20 weeks in Turkey visiting contemporary craftsmen and collections, documenting samples when possible.  He has subsequently helped to identify pieces in various manuscript collections in the US. As a part of his business, he produces oversized European marbled papers for restoration work.   

      Benson's Hand Bindery
      Fine Custom Bookbinding & Conservation
      Hand Marbled Papers
      1319 B Summerville Ave.
      Columbia S.C. 29201
      Phone: 803.799.1853

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