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More Historical Marbling Accounts

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  • Jake Benson
    Greetings Everone, Antonio Velez kindly sent me images for the article Some Notes on Marbling in the Seventeenth Century by Charles Adams. These have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2008
      Greetings Everone,

      Antonio Velez kindly sent me images for the article "Some Notes on
      Marbling in the Seventeenth Century" by Charles Adams. These have been
      compiled together with a full transcription into a PDF file. This
      article contains an English translation of the account by Athanasius
      Kircher In addition, Antonio also provided me with a Spanish language
      account published in Madrid in 1806. Entitled �Varios secretos
      pertenecientes a la pintura: Modofácil y sencillo de hacer papel
      jaspeado y hermoso", it was published in the book Secretos Raros deArtes
      y Oficios: Obra Útil a Toda Clase de Personas. This anonymous
      account has been tentatively attributed to Lucas Antonio de Palacio.

      These PDF files can be downloaded from in the "Historical Marbling
      Accounts" folder in the "Files" section of the group web site:

      Historical Marbling Accounts folder:

      Also, thanks to Renato, I found two other Latin texts on the ECHO web

      Zahn, Johannes, "Chartæ Turcico more pingende praxis optima." Oculus
      Artificialis Teledioptricus Sive Telescopium : Ex Abditis rerum
      Naturalium Et Artificalium principiis protractum nova methodo, eaque
      solida explicatum ac comprimis e triplici Fundamento Physico seu
      Naturali, Mathematico Dioptrico Et Mechanico, seu Practico stabilitum
      ..,1702. p. 617-18.


      Schott, Gasper, "Chartam variis colorbis more Turcico pingere." ("How to
      Design Paper with Various Colors in the Turkish Manner.") Magia
      universalis naturae et artis, Sive Recondita naturalium et artificialium
      rerum scientia, cujus ope per variam applicationem activorum cum
      passivis, admirandorum effectuum spectacula, abditarum[que] inventionum
      miracula, ad varios humanae vitae usus, eruuntur : Opus Quadripartitum
      Bd. 1: Optica, 1657. pp. 237-39.

      I am not aware of an English translation of Zahn's account. Perhaps it
      has been translated into another language? Charles Adams only
      translated a brief selection from Schott's account. The entire text has
      not been translated. It is likely derived from Kircher's, as Schott was
      Kircher's assistant in Rome. His description of the art is very

      "An artist from Ulm affirmed to me, himself working strictly from the
      directions of Kircher, that he made whole figures of men, of animals,
      trees, cities and regions on paper." Schott became almost rhapsodic in
      his account of the method of making these papers and their beauty: "Now
      by a design profuse as waves of the sea, now in a variety of marble,
      sometimes in the many colors of plumes of birds and many other designs."
      He speaks of it as "an invention completely marvelous and full of
      mysteries." (Adams, 7)

      If anyone on this list has a knowledgeable of Latin, it would be
      wonderful to have these two accounts translated into English.


      Jake Benson

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