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Re: [Marbling] More digitized historical texts about marbling

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  • irisnevins
    Thanks for all that Jake.... remember the Halfer facsimile that Polly Fox did with...I think Phoebe Easton?.... is that still floating about? I do have one,
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      Thanks for all that Jake.... remember the Halfer facsimile that Polly Fox did with...I think Phoebe Easton?.... is that still floating about? I do have one, and also two original Halfers, one in German, one English.... these old books used to turn up now and then fairly reasonably, can't imagine what they would cost now. Also Woolnough and Nicholson's would also turn up. The Woolnough I remember paying what seemed a vast fortune back in the 80s, but worth every cent. There was also an edition put out by Plough Press with Katherine Davis doing the original samples, which is beautifully done. And I re-issued Nicholson's back in the 80s, with 18 rather that the seven original sample papers.... well, they did describe 18 patterns so I figured why not. I think it was also Garland that did a Nicholson's but in B&W. And was it Harvard that did the Loring facsilile in B&W long ago? These books should still be floating about if you hunt the used book sites or Google them. There are also other great limited edition marbling books out there, fine press, such as Barry McKay's work, Patterns & Pigments, I did the original Varieties Of Spanish Marbling for Bird & Bull, and Chris Weimann did several, so did Richard Wolfe for B&B. Susanne Martin's new book which some of us participated in recently is just out and gorgeous, also her paste paper books, and let's not forget Karli Frigge's work. I am sure I am missing others.... but feel very lucky to have many of these editions.

      And who wants all books to go digital someday, LOL! What treasures.... I'd say rather, bring back the old ways. Then again, just preaching to the choir here!

      Iris Nevins

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      thanks Antonio!

      The link for the English language version of Googlebooks is


      Additionally, Feridun kindly alerted me to the fact that the 2nd
      german edition of Josef Halfer's "Die Fortschritte der Marmiorkunst"
      is also now available on googlebooks:


      A few of the samples have fortunately been scanned in color. Not all
      of them were, but there are a few more images in a photo album on our
      group site, posted a few years ago by Anna Karenina:


      I have uploaded this to the "Historical marbling Accounts" Folder in
      the files section:


      Also note the addition of "The Manner of marbling Paper and Books"
      published by G. Smith in "The Laboratory or, the School of the Arts."
      6th edition, 1799. Elinor Eisemann kindly scanned the images from a
      copy at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Missouri, and sent them
      to me. Since I found that reading them was a bit difficult, I further
      processed them using OCR software and appended a fully transcribed
      text version at the end of the document.

      When I get more time, I have a few more texts to upload.



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      > http://books.google.es/books?id=sS8CAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover<http://books.google.es/books?id=sS8CAAAAQAAJ&printsec=frontcover>
      > That's the link, Jake.


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