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  • Susanne Krause
    Hi Iris, you are so right. The weather is crucial; that s why I avoid to teach beginners in summer if possible. The lessons to learn about managing the
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      Hi Iris,

      you are so right. The weather is crucial; that's why I avoid to teach
      beginners in summer if possible. The lessons to learn about managing
      the weather's influence on paper decorating are of the most advantage
      to people with experience.
      Anyway, there are very few final truths about making decorated paper
      ... every paper decorator must keep in mind that the opposite, or
      anything in between, may also be true.

      I always (well, almost always) make notes of whatever I do, sometimes
      down to the last drop and half gram and weather and room's climate
      etc., sometimes rather cursory. It helps, but it is definitely not
      enough. Without hundreds of discarded sheets, patience, pig-headedness
      and inquisitiveness, you're nothing.
      Then there is your own personality, you're not the same every day.
      Kept awake by a horde of cheeky mosquitoes? Got a headache coming?
      Your most needed base paper has been used up the day before yesterday
      but your supplier lets you down? Can't wait for the night and the
      concert ahead? Marrying tomorrow? It shows.
      And then a customer comes and wants it copied: You have made that
      fabulous red in 2001, I need another 3 sheets! ... Almost as demanding
      as copying an old pattern, and you don't have a suitable wheel and
      your hands and fingernails are about half the size of the original
      maker's, not to mention the fact that he or she has made about 777
      sheets of the pattern before. Finding the solution of such a problem
      is what I love most.

      Susanne Krause

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "irisnevins" <irisnevins@...> wrote:
      > I remember back in 1981 someone found for a few dollars at a used
      book place, and original Loring...! Tipped in original samples and all.
      > So true though, what works in one place doesn't in another.... and I
      notice, that the hardest thing sometimes is doing a great copy of
      one's OWN work! Due to seasonal changes, humidity, temperature raises
      and lowerings, even over the course of a single day can make things
      work differently too.
      > All too often, people want a recipe, a formula. People come to a
      class ready to take notes.... that's fine, but what they right down,
      they go home, try that there, this amount of gall to that amount of
      paint and nothing works.
      > Learning to overcome your environment and the weather is key to
      marbling and I imagine paste papers too, right Susanne?
      > Iris Nevins
      > www.marblingpaper.com<http://www.marblingpaper.com/>
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      > Hi Jake,
      > I have purchased the recipe book ... good for research into Loring's
      > work and the work of her contemporaries, as it gives the recipes she
      > (maybe - my own recipes tend to change all the time) used incl. all
      > their faults and merits. As to using the recipes in one's own studio,
      > well ... it's like with all personalized recipes. That they are fine
      > in one studio doesn't say anything at all about the next studio.
      > Susanne Krause
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      "Jake Benson" <jemiljan@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Has anyone else purchased this new edition?
      > > Have you found the same printing error in your copy?
      > >
      > > In relation to this, has anyone obtained the recently published
      > > Loring recipe book? If so, do you have any thoughts or impressions?
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Jake
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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      Marbling@yahoogroups.com<mailto:Marbling@yahoogroups.com>, "Eisemann"
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      > > > Dear Jake--Thanks for your response. You are an indispensable
      > > resource for our group. I am contacting Hope Mayo about the
      error. I
      > > must say that I was less than overwhelmed by the illustrations.
      > > were the same as in the previous edition, only now in full color.
      > > >
      > > > Elinor Eisemann
      > > >
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