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Wells Book Arts Summer Institute

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    The Wells Book Arts Center is pleased to announce the faculty and their courses for the 2008 Summer Institute. At our institute we teach courses in letterpress
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2007
      The Wells Book Arts Center is pleased to announce the faculty and
      their courses for the 2008 Summer Institute. At our institute we teach
      courses in letterpress printing, hand bookbinding, and lettering arts
      both by hand and at the computer. We offer housing on campus in an air
      conditioned dorm and meals catered by a local gourmet bistro. Our
      instructors are among the top in their fields, both here and in Europe.

      The courses in our first session, July 6-12, are all at the
      introductory level, and these faculty members are the first ones to
      come back to Wells as second-time teachers. Peter Bain, proprietor of
      the design firm Incipit, will teach `Stems and Beziers: An
      Introduction to Typeface Design' using TypeTool for its simplicity in
      design and production process; basic knowledge of Illustrator is
      recomĀ¬mended. Cheryl Jacobsen's course `Basic Italic Calligraphy,'
      will introduce participants to this elegant and versatile hand that is
      a good starting point for continued study of other hands; Cheryl
      teaches calligraphy at the Iowa Center for the Book. Shanna Leino's
      class will explore the balance between technical aspects and
      conceptual development in her course `Making Books: the Beginning!'
      Shanna teaches at the University of Georgia's arts program in Cortona,
      Italy. Katherine McCanless Ruffin, the Book Arts Program Director at
      Wellesley, invites you to come get inky in her course `Letterpress
      Printing From A to Z.' These introductory courses are great as
      stand-alone courses, but they also serve as terrific introductions to
      the courses in the next three sessions.

      Session 2, July 13-19, has courses for the novice and the more
      advanced. Keiji Shinohara, who teaches printmaking at Wesleyan
      University, is offering our first course to include Japanese
      printmaking. Students in `East Meets West: Traditional Japanese
      Printmaking and Western Techniques' will learn traditional wood block
      carving techniques along with various printing processes, all by hand.
      Dolph Smith, widely known for books that are anything but static, will
      teach `Moving Parts: The Book as Kinetic Sculpture' in which students
      will take advantage of all 22 possible moving parts in a 20-page book.
      Ewan Clayton will join us from his native England, where he is
      Professor of Design at the University of Sunderland, to teach a course
      on uncials entitled `Calligraphy: The Dynamics of Movement.'
      Participants will create a portfolio of pieces that explore the beauty
      and versatility of uncials.

      In Session 3, running from July 20-26, our faculty are Inge Bruggeman,
      Anna Embree and Sara Soskolne. Inge, who teaches book arts at the
      Oregon College of Arts and Craft, will teach `Considering Text and
      Image,' in which students will use hand-set type and various
      letterpress image-making techniques as they examine the relationship
      between printed text and image. Anna teaches binding in the book arts
      program at the University of Alabama, and her class in `Boxed In:
      Creating Custom-built Enclosures' will learn to make boxes for
      individual objects, items of unusual shape, or larger collections of
      materials. Sara, a designer at New York's Hoefler & Frere-Jones
      foundry, will teach her typography students the joy of digital type
      design in `More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Turning Letters into a

      Our fourth session, July 27-August 2 will include classes in
      letterpress printing, leather binding and calligraphy. Rachel
      Wiecking, Wells' fifth Victor Hammer Fellow in the Book Arts, will
      teach a printing course using Wells' collection of wood type, focusing
      on alternative printing techniques. The course taught by Monqiue
      Lallier, Director of the American Academy of Bookbinding, will be on
      leather binding in the French tradition. And Brody Neuenschwander,
      renowned Bruges-based calligrapher, will teach a course that explores
      text-based art using calligraphy and mixed media.

      Whether you come to explore a new area or to gain experience in an
      area you already work in, we are certain that you'll learn a lot,
      enjoy the camaraderie of other book artists, and revel in a week (or
      more!) of class with distinguished teachers in the book arts. Our
      website is being redesigned to make it easier to navigate; we'll
      announce its grand opening soon. In the meantime, you can contact the
      Book Arts Center at 315-364-3420 or via email at dstefanko@....

      We hope to see you in July!

      Wells Book Arts Center
      170 Main Street, Morgan Hall
      Aurora NY 13026
      phone: 315-364-3420
      fax: 315-364-3488
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