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Re: Tips for a beginner in Ebru Marbling

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  • momo
    Günaydın Ibrahim, There is a beginner book Marbling Paper and Fabric by Carol Taylor that will show you all the steps for the making traditional patterns.
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 9, 2007
      Günaydın Ibrahim,

      There is a beginner book "Marbling Paper and Fabric by Carol Taylor"
      that will show you all the steps for the making traditional patterns.
      It was published by Altamont Press in the early 1990s. If you cannot
      find it, Gallen Berry has a little manual of how to that is easy to
      follow: members.aol.com/_ht_a/marbling/MarblingSupplies.htm

      For Turkish Ebru you still need to know the basic patterns. If you
      speak Turkish, I can send you a website address for a store in
      Istanbul with the tools and pigments and possibly some instruction.
      But, the pigments are expensive, so you may want to learn with
      acrylics or watercolors, before moving on to pigments.

      I realize you are a bit away from Miami, but there are a couple of
      Ebru artists in the Miami area, you may be able to find them by
      googling Ebru Miami.

      The little kit you got is good, I am not far from Dharma so I go visit
      from time to time; however I get supplies from Magnolia and paints
      from art stores when they are on sale. Before using dispersant try
      making a small solution of the paints in distilled water to a
      consistency between milk and thicker than half & half but not as thick
      as cream, then see how that works you might be pleasantly surprised. I
      do not know about methocel so I cannot tell you about that; however
      assuming it is kind of like carraghenan I would say to follow the tips
      on thickness of the solution.

      In the summer of 2008, I will be apprenticing with a certified master
      in Turkey, I promise to share my notes with this group.

      I learned marbling in the late 50s and early 60s in a third world
      country using oil paints on homemade size made with cow bone marrow
      and making our own gall (smelliest thing I ever did). Learning today
      is a lot easier.

      This group will help you if you ask there are some extraordinary and
      generous members always sharing. Just keep asking. Güle güle

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, Ibraheem Shakfeh <rahmatullah38@...>
      > This was probably all covered but I could not find it in the message
      > Anyway, I got interested in marbling (namely Ebru) and I bought this
      mini marbling kit and this dispersant. I can't find someone that
      gives lessons in my area so I plan on following the guide that comes
      with the kit and use a few drops of dispersant with the paint. I make
      the size and sprinkle the paint in it and stir it vertically, right?
      > I'm not doing anything as advanced as cicekli. I'm just sticking
      with the basic battals.
      > Any tips?
      > -Ibraheem Shakfeh
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