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Best water soluable paints/inks for marbling paper

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  • Elizabeth
    Thank you, all, for your great input on the marbling paints. I am anxious to try again using the right ingredients! Diane: Yes, I did read most of the
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      Thank you, all, for your great input on the marbling paints. I am
      anxious to try again using the right ingredients!

      Diane: Yes, I did read most of the instructions, but had not seen
      your advice about using marbling paints on page 60 until after I
      experimented with other watercolors that I had on hand first. I
      wanted to use what I had on hand (the various watercolors, the
      methocel, the alum) before I went out and bought specialty marbling
      paints, as it appeared to me that experienced marblers did use paints
      other than the specialty marbling paints. Thus, my question.

      Also, I did note that you had mentioned not using gouaches for
      beginners, and about using certain colors of Windsor-Newton that might
      work the best. Since these were what I had, I tried them and others
      anyway and was curious to see what experienced marblers would say
      about their own experience with other than marbling specialty paints.

      Iris: Thanks for letting me know about not mixing paints, and for
      confirming what Diane's book says about gouaches. Actually, I did not
      mix any of the paints. I am aware that different brands and even
      different pigments within brands can have different properties,
      including metallic powders. When I used the Cotman WN colors for
      example, I just used those the first try, and I didn't even mix any of
      their colors with each other. However, I jumped my own gun by adding
      the metallic powders in some of the colors right off. Then I went on
      to try the Reeves gouaches, then their watercolors, etc.

      And also on the papers: Thank you for letting me know about certain
      papers that you have found are successful for watercolor marbling.
      Diane's book does mention also about several that she suggests. I
      went to a local art store and got various papers before reading about
      these in the book. So I figured I would experiment with cheaper ones
      I had on hand first, and made sure I used the alum on each one. So,
      that explains at least part of my frustration!

      Nelle: In Diane's book, she mentioned about using carageenan but that
      methocel could be used. It seemed that carageenan was her preferred
      size. Since I had the methocel I decided to try it. Indeed, several
      of the pigments sank to the bottom regardless of whether I thinned
      them a little more and added a bit more of the oxgall.

      So what you all have said can be summed up well: just use the tried
      and true first—I wasn't sure how tricky marbling could be for a first
      attempt. I can obtain the marbling paints at a local store. I guess
      every good apprentice has to start out by making a fair amount of

      Thanks again, and I'm so glad there is a forum on marbling such as
      this one!

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